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Re: First Dog

Posted by alexandra_k on June 4, 2021, at 18:34:57

In reply to Re: First Dog, posted by sigismund on June 1, 2021, at 13:27:07

It is difficult when psychopathy does not come naturally. To understand what some people will do if they have opportunity.

For example, this practice that there is of people taking or holding or using hostages. Particularly children. Even ones own children. It appears to be why some people have children. Or maybe they have children sort of accidentally but then they discover a use for them, as hostages.

Where would you build a bomb shelter?

Under a children's hospital. That way if anybody tries to bomb it they would be bombing a children's hospital. All those hostages. All that collateral damage.

It's a no-brainer.

And now we rightly understand the institution of Medicine.

The problem / trouble with it.
Why it attracts the very worst of the psychopaths.
People who desire to murder and rape and torture with impunity.
In the name of 'Medical Treatment'.

That's why the rules and regulations are so important.
The documentation.
Because it's the grounds / justification. The clinical reasoning / motivation. The system of rules that have been developed over years for the purpose of helping rather than harming.

But many of the Medical Schools (also non-Medical Schools) around the world have become very corrupted.
Taking payment of bribes etc in exchange for people murdering and raping and torturing with impunity.
They tend to congeal in Medicine (or the name thereof).

Sometimes the things that are supposed to help (the medical supplies) can be used to harm. In which case it would be irresponsible to supply.

There are also black markets.

There were problems in Africa, for example, of people thinking they had HIV Medications but really people were intercepting the donations and replacing them with placebo and selling the actual product back to wealthy people overseas.

I suppose that's sort of what happens with New Zealand's Pharmac negotiations. Pharmac effectively decides to purchase placebo so the New Zealand people think they have access to x and y and z but they chose the 'generic versions' that are produced places where the quest for 'how low can we go' bottom line results in an ineffective product.

We recently had some issue with substitution (without informing them substitution had been done) for an anti-epileptic medication. People with epilepsy did not know about the substitution. They had seizures when they weren't expecting them. They died. New Zealand failed to find a link / association and failed to restore access (I believe) to the actual medication. Other nations found a link. Or didn't supply dodgey medication in the first place.

Apparently there are starting to be noises in the direction of making Pharmac negotiation public.

The New Zealand people are overly trusting of the Government. They trust and have faith that the Government is competent and looking out for the interests of the people. But that's not true. It's really not. The reason they are so secretive is to mask / disguise their incompetence and ineptitude. And then you look at how much money they extract out for themselves. Justified only on the grounds that 'everyone is doing it'.

F*ck*ng farce.




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