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Re: First Dog

Posted by alexandra_k on June 4, 2021, at 18:18:47

In reply to Re: First Dog, posted by sigismund on June 1, 2021, at 13:29:53

I don't know that I understand. Do you mean that is a list of countries imposing sanctions by limiting or restricting access to medical supplies?

New Zealand relatively recently legalized euthanasia (under limited circumstances when there is less than 6 months to live).

I thought it was a good idea because presently hospice etc have taken things into their own hands. They say 'nonononononono under no circumstances nononono never' while making sure people's wills and charitable donations are in order before granting (or refusing to grant) medications that will relieve pain (and whether that results in death, why, such a mystery that nobody ever seems to see coming).

I thought it would be better to legalise euthanasia because then the thing would be under regulations. Rather than cowboys deciding for whatever reason cowboys decide (likely to benefit themselves at the expense of the other).

But it has subsequently been demonstrated to me, with the covid response, that the New Zealand health system does not have the willingness or ability to understand what voluntary means.

As such, it is not a good thing that we have legalised euthanasia. It will simply be used as a defence by cowboys to conceal murder. That's the likely effect of it.

Consequentially New Zealand is not able to obtain euthanasia drugs from foreign suppliers. There was something about seeing if pharmacists would or could invent and supply a drug of their own concoction. But that doesn't seem plausible. Who wants to be part of that randomised double blind control trial?

I suppose we can say the developed world is imposing sanctions on us by withholding basic medical supplies.

But we have money to purchase hand sanitiser and fit tested face masks. We have money to fit test the masks and return masks that are not up to standard because they won't fit test. We have money to check the Covid tests are functional. Other nations were returning tests because they were finding non-functional batches. NZ has returned no tests (to the best of my knowledge).

So why send us high quality difficult to manufacture masks capable of fit testing when the people on the receiving end don't check them and don't care whether they get a fit test or not and won't even notice the difference whether they are up to standard or not? Why waste quality product on people who appear to lack the willingness / ability to know it when they see it? It's just a farce...

It's just a farce...

It might be seen that the developed world won't allow us access to x or y or z medication. But it's not about the money. It's about how we refuse to process the applications from people capable of being trained. We refuse to train people capable of being trained. We refuse to graduate people who have met the requirements for the Degree. We refuse to publically advertise jobs. We refuse to hire the best (rather than worst or 'only the most minimum of standards allowed) for the job. We refuse to follow best practice (internationally developed) standards. We do whatever we want whenever we want because we want and cry cry cry cry cry that the international community won't give us the hand-outs we want to further enable our ineptitude.

I mean...

It would be irresponsible to give certain countries certain things...

I am concerned about the ventillators. Because there's no shortage of people willing to anesthetise people without regard of whether they have given permission and without regard of whether it is clinically justified or likely to help vs likely to harm. Over-controlling sadists who won't even let people breathe for themselves and they are getting away with it.

The long-term harms of covid are likely the long-term harms of overly agressive medical intervention. People were ventillated agressively rather than being give oxygen. Early on. That's what they were doing.




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