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Re: First Dog

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 17:19:01

In reply to Re: First Dog, posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 16:57:08

I do wonder how much the government is a scam. An illusion...

How much a lot of it is. The financial market. Etc.

For example, the Government says it's spending 1.2 billion dollars more on mental health.

What does that mean?

Where did the money go? Like... Let's see the accounts. How much money was paid to where? How much money was deposited into bank accounts? How much money was spent on goods like wood for buildings and concrete and steel.

And how much of it was... The government 'pays' the DHB 1 million dollars (notionally on paper) and the DHB 'pays' the government 1 million dollars right back for... Um... Building rental? Or... I don't know. It doesn't matter. Point being... How much of the money that is supposedly 'invested' or 'spent' on x is actually... Cashed out in any way. If that makes sense. Rather than artificially inflated numbers being shuffled around.

And of course we can say the same thing about individual wealth. Maybe how much money people are paid does have a dependancy on what it is that people choose to do with the money. I don't mean at the level of destitution that they keep me at (that's supposed to motivate and inspire me to work the plantations for minimum wage or something). I mean at the level of certain CE's alledgedly being paid several hundred thousand dollar salaries...

I mean... Does it go... 'We will give you $1,000 extra per week... Once you have commited to that money coming straight back to us every week for... Rent on your house'. Things like that. Maybe it does.

So maybe this whole thing of certain occupations or jobs or whatever paying hundreds of thousands of dollars per year... Is supposed to be motivating and inspiring to the kiddies or something like that. But maybe the money is all tied up really.

How does it cash out? That's really the thing...

How the people live...

Ashley Bloomfield earns half a million per year apparently. But he will bus to or from work. He's not getting around in a limosene with a driver or anything like that -- right?

Housing... Travel... Where does the money go... Makes a difference -- right?

Right. Yes. I think it does.


I wouldn't be surprised if most of our 'top paying CEs' with hundreds of thousands of dollar salaries are not getting all of that money to do whatever they want with it.

I imagine they hire people who have demonstrated criminal activity so they have something over their heads. They can get them to do further things... I would imagine. And they can end them if / whenever they choose. That's why they hire them.

They intentionally hire people who will keep false books or whatever. Lie about their qualifications. Etc.


I suppose the NZ government has a hell of lot less money to 'spend' on various things than it makes out. I suppose that's likely true of all the governments.

I mean what are they gonna do about people who don't pay taxes?

Put them in prison?

Then they will become the target of the psychopathic white white collar criminals...

I don't know...

Don't know.


What's the alternative?

Hand over power to the Mongrel Mob (a Maaori gang)>



There was this thing the other day about a gang leader dying and a local school closing for a couple days to host the tangi (maaori funeral is a couple days long so people have time to arrive and pay respects and the body stays with the people during that time on the marae or community hall where people communally sleep on mats and all eat together etc)...


one of the politicians was like...


a school just closed for several days so the kids missed out on several days of instruction because the school had been taken over by a gang who used the premises to host a funeral.

and apparently that's racist. that he put it like that.

but that's what happened.

what if we closed the school for several days every time one of the kids relatives died?

if the present parliamen / government of new zealand was... dissolved... would things (overall) be better for thep eople?

more or less stable?

i guess there is that. but the present government needs to be careful because there's a steady increasing number of people who think otherwise.


there does need to be a national psychology / counselling register thing.

the clinical psychologsts are typiclaly cookie cutter little white kids selected for their lack of knowledge and life experience.

people were big on counselling qualifications. through the education department. people doing counselling qualifications as graduate degrees on the back of psychology degrees.

psychology was 'cognitive therapy' (we bash you over the head by naming and shaming your cognitive distortions and faulty thinking that is making you unwell) and behavioral therapy (where you behave yourself and put on a smile and take your walks and act as though everything is fine and everything is fine).

counselling... people learned about 'narrative therapy' and about maslow's hierarchy of needs. they learned humanistic things. psychodynamically oriented things. they learned things that were... good. kind. illuminating. inspiring. there was room for... genine empathy. listening.

there was room for... fit. because there were more counsellors and they had more of a diversity of backgrouds and experiences. from substance abuse to experience with depression or sexual abuse or whatever... whatever...

but the government and the ministry refuses to pay them. refuses to pay them. refuses to pay the workers.

it's good job for good people. counselling.

but they won't pay the workers.




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