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Re: doctor in nz: pilot in pakistan...

Posted by alexandra_k on June 27, 2020, at 5:49:41

In reply to Re: doctor in nz: pilot in pakistan..., posted by alexandra_k on June 27, 2020, at 5:30:43

something something something about:

don't worry...

i'm the one who is buying -- not the one who is selling.

because the laws in a lot of lands are set up to prosecute / disadvantage those who are least powerful at the expense of the most powerful.

a sort of anti-robyn hood strategy of furthering the interests of the rich and powerful at the expense of those already disempowered and exploited.

and so prostitution laws, often, prosecute the sellers. the prostitutes who don't have a living wage and who can't figure how to get one without selling their bodies. they don't prosecute the politicians and wealthy citizens who invest in insuring that young females do not have a way of life outside prostitution. to better serve their interests.

they say the students are at fault for paying bribes...

but they don't look into the students who weren't required to pay bribes (mommy and daddy got that already). or the people who refused to examine the students properly without bribes...

i don't think NZ lets American Medical Students through out ''Medical System''. To see the lack of supplies. To see the obvious quality (or lack thereof) of the staff. The knowledge. The tests they send for. The results they get in what time. The IT system of the hospital. The way logins work. The rosters. All of it.

I don't think NZ lets American Medical Students through our ''Medcial System''.

I suspect if they tried to come we would offer them bribes to keep them out so they would return home being all 'everything is fine' rather than 'they don't even wash their hands, over there... And they don't even know what patient they are seeing half the time, and they don't have any medications to prescribe even if they did send for labs...'

We'd try and pay them off.

I'm sure we would.

Which is why the US won't take our students for internships -- hardly.

Because the people here won't even send references and the like... Or if they did they wouldn't mean anything. You would never know if they only wrote a nice reference because of bribery or because they felt compelled to reccomend the idiot and incompetent kid of senior officials.

We just don't do any of the most basic of things we are required to do.

We won't let any of our students do the most basic of things they are required to do...

F*ck*ng immoral and incompetent.

Sexually abusive and morally depraved.

Just f*ck*ng showing it off and laughing to the bank.

It's disgusting.




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