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Re: operation: varsity blues

Posted by alexandra_k on May 16, 2020, at 18:23:22

In reply to Re: operation: varsity blues, posted by alexandra_k on May 16, 2020, at 18:09:04

''capstone course'' is what they call it. that stage 3 bottleneck where the lecturer decides whether you will to honors or masters or be chased out of the university entirely. and which subject you wil do it in.

i think it is because they have got it into their heads that it is their job to decide. their job to decide what subjects people do (to convey that message with grades) and their job to decide the rate of advancement. where you do honors if you have high enough grades for that and masters otherwise.

so masters is viewed as a rubbish second rate degree.

only sometimes people have other plans. in which case masters can be a time-filler between finishing things up here and starting things up in the northern hemisphere. in which case the student has plans to leave. in which case the lecturers are entitled to be really really really really really really really mean to them on their way out.

including over-working them with low-paid teaching work to try and undermine the completion of their masters projects. and so on. being horrible about them. being unhelpful about them. maybe even delaying getting them to examiners. and they are entitled since the student has plans to leave them -- right?

so the new zealand university system thinks those studnets (the ones who planned to / wanted to leave) are stupid -- for not proceeding to phd. because the aim is to grub your way to the end of the education system as quickly as possible. obviously. so nobody in their right mind would, for example, delay for 2 years in order to start a 3 year degree someplace more internationally recognised or 5 year degree someplace with a 2 year coursework component first. that just doesn't compute for them.

they can't say i'm too old. because there are laws against that.

my sister (and others) have said 'are you sure you want to do it when you have to do all this fighting with all these awful people just to get to start?'

i console myself with the thought that these are the idiots who were kicked back. they don't work with patients. no patients would let them anywhere near them, of course. they don't have anything to do with the hospitals. they have this pomp and titles thing going on with the univesrity where they can feel all special and important. maybe where they can take bribes even from people and go visit secondary schools and so on...

people... my people... wouldn't want a job like that. wouldn't want to do that job. what an awful job. these people like that job. and they use that job to... uh... to... uh... well... i suppose i do understand that i'm suppose to think that they have all kinds of power to make my life hell. their job is to notarise the f*ck*ng forms already. sign the form when the person has met the requirement. don't sign the form when the person hasn't. why is it that hard? are they really that f*ck*ng stupid that they can't even f*ck*ng do that?

i hope someone sues the university of Otago for that f*ck*ng tool standing up in front of the media and proclaiming 'hohoh ho we've been signing students off who didn't complete their work requirement for quite some time now, in fact i'm pretty sure that back when i did my work place requirement in my own case...' sue the university for undermining the value of the degree.

there is some internship system process thing now. where it is online. so universities that have signed up... so the path is smoothed. so there is a processs. get these forms in by that date. so you don't have to suck too many d*cks to get your supervisor to write you a f*ck*ng reference and upload it to the system. that's what it indicates, i suppose. it says as much. something about how universiteis are tired of being stuffed around by other universities when the employees don't send the required documentation through so they can process the students arrival.

nz universities are not part of the internship program. that's right. because they don't want the kids leaving.

it's this sick f*ck*ng attachment disorder. instead of working to develop something wehre people wnat ot be. instead of going 'our students go overseas... but overseas students come here...' instead of going 'these studnets graduate... and then these studnets start' there is no flow. there is no throughput. they f*ck*ng cling to things.




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