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operation: varsity blues

Posted by alexandra_k on May 14, 2020, at 20:13:17

more plausible:

smart kid looking into colleges... gets the HARD SELL from various smaller state schools in California. These schools likely fetch HIGH out of state tuition by parents thinking they are investing in social capital. Their kids will get to hob-knob with the LA movie stars, you get the idea.

So the schools want the kids of the movie stars. For the social capital those kids bring to the school. To help the schools get the money from the out of state parents.

What is in it for the kid?

I guess if they aren't very smart and they want everything handed to them on a silver platter... I guess that's the promise, really.

On the other hand... Just because your parents are movie stars doesn't mean they are dumb as posts. Doesn't mean their kids are.

Full House (I didn't watch it much) was, from memory, one of those feel good healthy wholesome entertainment kinds of shows. In the first place. Up there with ''Charles in Charge'' and other crap like that. The sort of show that people could do worse than to emulate, I mean to say.

Anyhoo... Supposing you are smart and hardworking and you want to be appreciated for those kinds of things.

Suppose your social capital that you have accumulated for yourself came from your working hard etc. I don't know about her. I don't know about her life.

I see the people on ''Critical Role'' etc and they moved to LA and spent many years auditioning and the hard slog of reading lines with no context. Etc. No glamor. Tiny apartments. Lots of disappointment. They persisted. They are some sense of ''big time'' now -- but they got there by sweat of their brow (together with luck, don't get me wrong) but I don't see that they would want to expediate the journey of others who hadn't comperably invested and worked hard for success.

And kids of parents.. Well.. College is supposed to be them on their merits. And it's hard to separate entry merit when kids live in their parents bubble but the kids are supposed to look for someplace they think they may fit. They. Them. Rather than them -- because of their parents.

And I bet it would be demoralising, really, for a smart and hardworking person to find that colleges were actively trying to recruit me because of who my parent was. Or because I had some beauty product contract -- that would be lots of social capital for the Uni to make money off out of state student fees.


What to do??

About this terrible situation where the State Schools of California are profiteering off of the social capital of LA movie stars and the like??


One could teach them a lesson...

Suppose one submits an application that says one did row in college with a photograph of one rowing on teh concept II rower in the college gym?

Suppose one did. That's the truth.

If the college decides (all independent-like) to regard the applicant as an 'elite college athlete' and get them entry that way -- then that is on the college not the applicant.

I guess that's something that happens. THe University re-classifies or re-categorises students sometimes without the students knowledge because they want the social capital of the student.

That is the only sense that I can make of this.

Maybe she actually does want to go to college. But maybe she actually wants to meet intellectually interesting and so on individuals. Get to hang out with people who she finds interesting for various skills and talents from various walks of life.

The only way she can get to do that...


This is one kind of a costly signal.

I guess.

That's the only sense I can make of this.

And then the trial in Boston. Because once this outs in the trial criminal charges against the Universities of California I guess.

Is that the idea??




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