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Re: operation: varsity blues

Posted by alexandra_k on May 16, 2020, at 18:09:04

In reply to Re: operation: varsity blues, posted by alexandra_k on May 15, 2020, at 5:32:39

and apparently not.

apparently the kids did attend the school.

apparently one of them posted to youtube about how they hated school.

apparently it really genuinely does actually seem to be a case of complete and utter stupidity on behalf of the parent.

i think it is a bad thing. doing away with standardised test / examinations.


generally. i think that is true.

i suppose that is because local interests always work to undermine me. always to work to profit other peoples kids.

independent / external examinations mean my work can be assessed on it's merits. rather than being passed over for the work of the kids of the tribal chief leader.

i generally think more local standards are a regression. they are in this part of the world.

if there isn't a standardised admissions testing component then how are places decided? which teachers rant about which kids the most?

i don't understand / know why it isn't possible to clean up the testing system.

to have mechanisms to catch cheaters. to punish them properly.

there are issues with the standardised content -- of course. but that's when / how you have high quality content that is available to student however many years in advance.

i am just so utterly and bitterly disappointed in the education system. in new zealand most particularly. our leaders seem to have been intentionally running it into the ground. i suppose out of their anger and frustration and resentment that they couldn't get jobs overseas?? i don't know. i don't know what it is. they don't seem to be working for good. they seem to enjoy being bullies and slavers.

they can't out and say that i'm too old. that i'll ruin the whole culture of oppression they've got going on...

horrible people.




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