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Re: ok lynn971

Posted by deirdrehbrt on February 11, 2006, at 10:47:43

In reply to Re: ok deirdrehbrt, posted by lynn971 on February 11, 2006, at 0:25:51

Lynn, I hope that never happens. I would fight it tooth and bone. As I said, I'm not anti-christian at all. I have tremendous respect for Christ and his teaching.
The ONLY thing that I object to is casting religious beliefs into law. Allowing gays to marry doesn't interfere with your practice of your faith, does it?
No-one has ever contested (with one exception that Ill get to) a preacher's right to say what they want from the pulpit. That one exception, which I whole-heartedly disagree with, states that they aren't allowed to speak of politics.... for or against a candidate from the pulpit. If a church does that, they lose their tax-exempt status. I think that law is a crock. A preacher should be able to speak out against a candidate that they view as dangerous or evil.
I don't remember if this is a state or national law, but some churches have gone so far as to give up their tax exempt status. That's sad, and maybe the churches should petition the ACLU to give them their freedom of speech from the pulpit.
In any event, I, nor people like me pose no threat to any religion's right to assemble or preach what they want. I have no issue with what you preach to your members. I do have an issue when a church legislates it's morals and denies a full 10% of the population the right to marry. I further object that they do so, claiming the sanctity of an institution (marriage) that in half the cases does not survive.
If the churches want a sacrament of marriage, they can have it. If they don't want to marry gay people, they don't have to. But there is no reason on the Goddess' green earth why gay people shouldn't be allowed to marry in a church that permits it, or in a civil ceremony.
I challenge you to find a legitimate reason why gays being permitted to marry would threaten your relationship with your god or with your partner. It can't happen, not if you have a real faith and a real devotion.




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