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Re: Doxycycline Not Good For Imflammation?

Posted by bleauberry on March 28, 2010, at 7:28:51 [reposted on March 30, 2010, at 2:00:46 | original URL]

In reply to , posted by on December 31, 1969, at 18:00:00

Hi Jan,

Hey, there is no way I or anyone else could predict or explain all the happenings. Not even my llmd who is real pro.

But there are some common patterns that are seen. The one my llmd looked for as diagnostic confirmation was: 1.Feeling immediate improvement; 2.that improvement is short-lived and turns into deterioration with worsening of existing symptoms and creation of new ones also; 3. Blips of random periodic improvement that become more and more frequent over time (months) to where the good days eventually outnumber the bad days, and finally the good days are the norm.

It's a long haul for most people. My Herx's in fact never ended. Just went on and on and on. I actually got worse and worse. That's when llmd theorized I had a yeast problem that was worse than the lyme problem, and thus antibiotics were doing more harm than good.

Since that time, I have had more improvement on Diflucan than any antibiotic. Even my Hidradenitis tames down a lot on Diflucan, even though it is generally assumed to be a bacterial complication not a yeast complication.

In a German hospital they took a dozen treatment resistant Lyme patients and put them on Diflucan for one month. Seven went into remission, one improved, one nothing, and one got worse. Darn good odds. Diflucan, though an antifungal med, somehow interrupts the ability of lyme to function. Doesn't kill them, just stops their activity. That's the hypothesis anyway. No one knows. Or maybe their lyme had been cured, but in the process yeast took over due to the antibioticss and the symptoms looked the same.

All I know is antiyeast has helped me more than anything else. Don't know why. Docs don't know about it. The Dermatologist said it had nothing to do with Hidradenitis except maybe as a secondary involvement. I think they are all wrong. I think yeast plays a much larger role in a wide variety of diseases than is currently recognized. And Diflucan can do a lot of things not currently recognized outside of just killing yeast.

It's a complicated world in medicine. 100 years from now they'll look back and see how archaic and primitive medicine was in 2010.

Hip pain. Well, most pain is caused by inflammation. Inflammation is caused by irritation. The corpses, toxins, and excretions of dead and dying organisms do a lot of that.




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