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Re: Am I being eaten by fungi? bleauberry?

Posted by bleauberry on February 20, 2010, at 6:44:01 [reposted on February 26, 2010, at 8:16:30 | original URL]

In reply to Am I being eaten by fungi? bleauberry?, posted by ralphrost2 on February 19, 2010, at 5:36:20

What, do I have a reputation as a fungi friek or something?? :-)

I don't even know what Mycosis is.

Diflucan is a good systemic antifungal. The difficulty with fungi is that they are so tenacious and rapidly multiplying that treatments take a long time. Unless it is something simple like a diaper rash that will respond almost immediately, systemic infections can take months to improve.

Since you are feeling mental effects, then my opinion is yes fungi is playing a role. If you have felt somewhat worse after starting the med, that is a sign the med is working. It is the die-off making you feel worse. So it doesn't feel good, but is actually good.

There are three other things you can do speed this thing up and make it much more effective.
1. Get a prescription of Nystatin (another antifungal, but not systemic) and put it on the problem areas 3 to 4 times a day.
2. Make sure the dose of diflucan is high enough. Some doctors will prescribe 200mg once a week, some will prescribe it for daily use. 200mg daily will be much more effective.
3. Incorporate into the treatment some antifungal naturals. I'm thinking things like:
-drink a cup of pao d'arco tea (boil it 15 minutes for best potency) once a day or several times a week.
-take a good refrigerated probiotic every day, and eat yogurt with it everyday.
-drops of oil of oregano, just a few is very potent, take daily.
-garlic supplements...the smelly ones...not the de-odored ones...or use whole raw garlic cloves...take as often as you can without becoming too offensive in odor.
-a google search will show other good antifungals foods and herbs.
-fungi feeds on remove as many sugars from your diet as possible. That means raw sugar, artificial sugar (stevia is ok), honey, syrup, corn syrup, sweet veggies (carrots, potatoes), and read ingredient labels. Anything resembling sugar or sweetness, get rid of as much as you can. This way you weaken and starve the fungi so the meds and herbs can work better.

Probably the most effective all-around topical application for a wide variety of conditions that might be suspected as being either fungi or bacteria is tea tree oil. It has an odd odor, but works extremely well.

Can fungi cause mental problems? Well, it depends on who you ask. If you ask someone who had mental improvements following a course of antifungal treatment, then the answer is yes. If you ask a psychiatrist or a general practitioner, then the answer is usually no. In my opinion that no answer doesn't really mean no, it means they aren't trained it, it is outside of their knowledge base, and in such situations the answer is almost always no. If they don't know it, it doesn't exist. Among naturopaths and integrative MDs however, the fungal issue is well known. They even have sophisticated lab tests to detect systemic fungi by measuring their waste in urine, but these tests are expensive and not well known.

The best thing to do is to act aggressively on your hunch to make sure you can decisively rule it in as being accurate, or rule it out as being inaccurate. A half-hearted approach at antifungi won't give decisive outcomes. It is best to go forward with serious aggressiveness. That way, win or lose, you will know for sure whether fungi was/is the issue or not.

> Hi mates,
> During the last year I've been struggling to get rid of Mycosis. First it was in the groin and feet (solved with some lotion), and now I have 4 nails with mycosis, as well as the skin around them.
> Is it possible that I'm dealing with a systemic infection?
> Doctor prescribed me Fluconazole, which I'm taking since two weeks ago. I wonder if fungi infections have some link with mental disorders. Can it be provoking this mental weakness I feel? It comes and goes.
> Thank you
> Ralph




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