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saving people by the truth

Posted by rjlockhart37 on October 19, 2019, at 0:33:22

i don't know the truth, i'm writing these blogs or letter or anything because im trying to say, there are alot of christains that have eaten and drank in the presence of the lord, they were jolly and merry but on that last day, that terrible day when a christain hear's the words depart from me work of iniquity, let's keep this in a secret format: there are many christains that are in the under world right now because they relief or relied on abusing grace, they did inquity, saying we're free under christ and are above the law. We're free to be as the world and all it's pleasures and sensations. I know i've written too many of these, but im saying repent, because the 9 layers of hell, each with it's own torments, if there was any kinda of messege that one could say of the pain of darkness in the after life, amny people would turn from their ways, but it's considered fictional and not taken seriously. I've heard people say, the church uses that to control and condenm people in their sins. We'll repenting, and knowing what you've done wrong feeling it, just that shows that you have a coicnonce of it, and to repent and resist sins. Yes, there is mercy ... i don't know how to explain this, because jesus christ said there would be people that say false things, and mislead. All im saying is that there are many christains that are in darkness because they did not repent or treat their breathen well, they indulged in the pleasures of sin. The main goal - save your soul, and find the truth. That's im trying to write in these writings, i have no sacred documents that are kept away from the public. I just know in soul, to have discernment. Save people from sins, to follow the law, and repent when there's many transgressions. The conditions in darkness (hades) it cannot be described in the amount of pain that goes on there, people have had testomnries of going to hades, i watched youtube videos, of a young woman who died, and many people, who have came out and vigioursly warned of what they saw while temporarly passed away....and they went and saw hades, there is no water, it is so hot ... dipping your finger in a boiling water, would be only a fraction of what the conditions are there. There are diffrent torments, like being gnashed of teeth then it regenerating and doing it again. The worst pain is to know that it is so hot there, and to know that you cannot get out is the worst pain there is to know. The Lord, in his commandments 'thou shall not worship or bow down to any graven image, or strange gods, thou shall not steal nor speak false words. The greatest commandment, i have to this: it said to love thy god with thine own heart, and follow his commaments. Today, that statement or teaching is so far deleted, many people hate god, or speak that there is no god, that god resides inside of us and all things. This time period is of lawlessness, it's the last days, it said directly that this would happen. I don't want to tell other religions, all of it, they are founded in their beliefs, but the fact that we're trying to save people from danmation and the bad conditions in hades, that people are sent to based on their sins, and following the lord and accepting him. Ok....i cannot write aynmore of that, this would really rupp up a debate and getting blasted for stating only one belief. But these times are the end, please do not go by following that we're free to sin. If you do this, this is laviously using grace and it will not save you. Be kind to your brothers, speak the truth, have no discreet deception or agenda for personal gain, through a sin. God put these laws here, and personally i don't know if these laws were the direct way of how man kind should live. I know that there were many other gods during the dark ages, yes....hybrid humans, giants, the fictional stories about fairies and unicorns, that is real. Those fairy tale books about giants and mystical stories, yes they existed. But not more ranting. This age is the end, so do your best and use your wisdom, to discern during these times. This is commentary, not published articles or letters. Bless to you, and i hope soon this could help someone browsing the net. Blessings to you, follow the narrow path

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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