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Re: saving people by the truth

Posted by rjlockhart37 on October 21, 2019, at 2:25:48

In reply to Re: saving people by the truth, posted by rjlockhart37 on October 19, 2019, at 1:18:03

in some places, and in some time periods, or even today, trying to speak the truth, you can either be thrown stones at, mocked, or put to death. I'm not trying, im doing my best to figure out how to save your soul, like i said and many many many people know this that after you die, your taken [i dont know any of this info\ and have a screen that will show of you your whole life, and your works and every word you've said. I've watched youtube videos, of ... they were people who passed aaway temporarly, and they were shown what happens after you die. Choice of fate where your soul will spend it's years to come. I know this maybe uncomforting and grudge to read, but have to say what ... i want to say the truth, i don't preach, i don't do any ministry, nothing.....but just this has just urged out of me to write this. That even though sometimes the truth is hard to take, which in this case of repentance, and doing well unto others, that's all im saying. Please know that this life, is short time compared to eternity. Jesus Christ said there would be people mislead, wolves in sheeps clothing that preach the word of god, but under it is doctrines of devils put into light form.

The one thing i read, there was commandment 'thou shall not bow down nor worhip or give any heed, to any graven image, or strange god" "thou shall not make any image of creature in sky, or below in abyss. Thou shall love thy lord god with all thine heart. This is similar to korah in the old testement, after the slaves were freed from egypt korah said we're free and worshiped a golden calf they constructed with their hands, the earth opened up and consumed them all. It's in number or leviticus, in warning not to make graven image, or any other strange god before god. I'm not certain about korah and the testement, there maybe some errors accidnetly did, but that part of the testement was about not woshiping anoy other image exept for god. Many people hate the lord with the most seared black hatred there is. They hate his commandments, they him, they hate how he made man, and nature, and the DNA of man. Right now DNA can be re written and make a enhanced human with new features. You can litterly rewrite DNA just like a computer code, and this was biologically discovered and is taking place. Plus before Noah and dark ages, there hybrid humans, giants, they had sex with non humans and created a corrupted DNA. It is the DNA of beasts, and all those tales in story books of cyclops and giant beaasts that were brute force and ate like monsters. THat will not take place again, but scientifically it will, to improve the DNA so that health would be a optimum levels and we would live in world of utopia of enhanced humans. All i can say, it's like "cyborg" look it up .

You know like Joan of Arc and all these people that were despised because of their ... i guess telling the truth, ill be honest im in my room on a laptop, i don't have much of a life, i like writing ideas and helping people. But deep down i don't know what i should do, the only way i thought was to bring the witness, and truthful information. using discernment, and wisdom. So....that's all i can write, i write at diffrent times things i think i should post about, to help and save or give a new insight point to someone. That's all for now. Blessed be to you, brethren

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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