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Re: saving people by the truth

Posted by rjlockhart37 on November 1, 2019, at 20:13:11

In reply to Re: saving people by the truth, posted by rjlockhart37 on October 28, 2019, at 0:53:11

i'm coming back, im running out of juice but all I can say is jesus said follow the law, paul said that too but he said that we're above the law of the old. Paul writes such good spot on stuff, but he frequently says "I" "mine" and it's ... he's mislead some people to think that we can just go around and be free in christ, there's so much i would have to write and research to back that up. But the one major thing, that Yahweh, the lord of moses and ancient days 'thou shall not look or create any graven image, as of the sky above or of the abyss below'. That commandment was written in levidtius, deutermony, it is a main warning against idolarty.

I'm going to say this, but there are many christians in the under world, for their sins. One for not repenting, 2 for going of the vanities, discreet evil things music, speaking evil of someone or things, the lord is merciful but you have to turn away from these things. Building an image of a person, or making an idol of them. Worldly christians, christians that use their own philosophy for personal gain or to deceive, christians that say their christains, but they are using doctrines of devils and putting it into light form. All i can say, use your wisdom to discern these things. Other religions, i can't say anything that would say or deliver them, because alot of history and opions of things have been altred, and have decieced people. The pain of being fallen from grace, and being in hades, people joke, it is so hot there, and there's torments based on your sins, your sent to section of hell, such a violence, and the evil beings will torture you. One - being inside a pool of brimstone that is inflaming, 2 - being torchured by evil beings there, gnashing of teeth. There is many torments. There's people on youtube that passed away, these stories of them passing away and seeing the fiery furnace, and warned of what they saw. They saw famous people, and famous christians there, for their unrepentance or living in desire sin lavishly even though they preached the gospel, their heart was not of that, saying evil jokes. You use you wisdom, by someone how they laugh, their jokes, like said their fruit, but im saying do not judge, but discern.

The old commandments - of the old, like sacrafice offerings for sins. I think ... yeah we can repent now, back then in ancient day you had to sacrfice an animal or do a ritual to the lord. That is not around much anymore, but the 10 commandments, treat your breathen well and speak no evil, do not worship or idolitize any image, or strange gods. They lord had said people would go and worship the gods of the people, in ancient times. And before the world wide flood, you would see hybrid humans, giants, things today that are considered fiction. That is now happening again today, they are mixing DNA with animals, and ... use your wisdom, other worldy beings. It goes on in secret labratories. Human mixed with pig, or frog. It's going on, but its not public. So don't want to say anymore about that, but it's happening again, just like in ancient times, mixing of DNA with other things than human. And also enhanced DNA that would give your super human abilities. Saying that there could be a uptopia of enhanced human, withoout any sickness, and increase signifinatly in knowege.

but just ... main thing that im trying to say is the commandment of not makking graven images, and doing sacfrices, it said it happened in ancient times, and still goes on today. I don't know how to say that you would turn to the lord, but these thins im saying is to save your soul. All the sins, heresy, treachery, flattery, they all are sins are sent to hades, into a section based on the sin. I'm not innocent, and sometimes i fear i would be damned because of my sins, but all i'm trying to do is send this information out during these times. You can believe what you want, but use your wisdom to discern

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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