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Lou's reply-psayvlyves SLS

Posted by Lou Pilder on November 26, 2011, at 13:26:01

In reply to Re: Wrong forum? Lou Pilder, posted by SLS on November 26, 2011, at 9:19:55

> > Mark,
> > In order to have more light on what is going on here, I am requesting that you read the following post from here. The post has lies about the Jews.
> I believe this post of yours lies outside the subject of this thread as introduced by the initial poster, and is inconsistent with the theme of the Faith board. Perhaps you can begin a new thread elsewhere so as not to confuse these separate issues within this one.
> - Scott
> Scott and other readers,
The forum here is for support and education. The poster innitiating this thread is faced with several issues that he/she asks me in particular about. My post are to that poster in a reply to his/her question to me here.
I am here to save lives and help people with the truth that they can use to make a more informed decision as to if they are going to take mind-altering drugs. That is one question by the poster that has innitated this thread.
Another question to me is how could I help the poster that innitiated this thread to receive what has been revealed to me, since there is the prohibition to me from Mr. Hsiung, as to if he/she is possessed by demons or not.
I may be the only person here that could expalin to him/her concerning that as how the answer to that has been revealed to me. But there are prohibitions to me from Mr. Hsiung here that prevent me from posting what I need to expalin that to the innitiator of this thread.
Now one here has brought up in this thread about taking medication and that the innitiator of this thread is not posseseed by demons.
But it has been revealed to me a connection between psychotropic drugs and demons. This connection is part of the {faith} aspect of this thread as the innitiator of the thread has asked me about. I am responding to the question to me as to how I can expalin with the prohibition by Mr Hsiung to me here.
Now if Mr. Hsiung wants to redirect some of this thread that would be fine with me. But until that happens, I will try to help this member with the issues stated by him/her so that he/she could make a more informed decision as to take mind-altering drugs or not.
Now others could post in this thread with their perspective and I would appreciate it if they did so, even if they want to advance the taking of psychotropic drugs as a cure or help or something else for the poster's question to me.
You see, if one could know the truth, that could have the potential to make a person free. Free from addiction, free from depression, free from death. Now I know that could bring up some questions, but it has been revealed to me what addiction and depression are and how one could overcome the fear of demons and how they could conquer demons and how one can overcome (redacted by respondent) if I was not prohibited by the owner of this site in the ways that can be seen here. This is another reason for my replies to the innitiator here, for I want him/her to know that there are prohibitions to me, what those prohibitions are, how Jews are allowed to be depicted here, which IMHHHHO could give the poster more understanding so as to help him/her overcome the state of mind that is the issue here.




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