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Lou's request to members-yurpshinz

Posted by Lou Pilder on March 29, 2010, at 21:16:59

In reply to Lou's request tyo members-wynornhot, posted by Lou Pilder on March 29, 2010, at 10:05:29

> > > > And then is there the prescription in that Bible that those that defile their body will be cast into the Lake of Fire?
> > > > Lou
> > >
> > >
> > > Wine is a mind-altering chemical that is synthesized through the acts of man. The daughters of Noah used wine to alter the mind of their father. Without that act, the lineage of man could not have continued. Each Shabbos, wine is served at dinner as ritual. The drinking of wine is also prescribed in the Haggadah during Passover. The bible asks of man that he ingest alcohol. There are even laws governing the fermentation process to make it kosher. God prescribes alcohol.
> > >
> > >
> > > - Scott
> > >
> > Scott,
> > You wrote,[...the daughters of Noah used wine to alter the mind of their father...]
> > I am unsure as to where you have received such. If you could post answers to the following, then I could have the oopportunity to respond accordingly.
> > A. Where is there a record in that Bibile that says that Noah had daughters?
> > B. Where does that Bibile state that any daughters used wine to alter the mind of their father?
> > C. other questions if you post answers to the above.
> > Lou
> >
> Friends,
> If you are considering posting here in this thrrad, I ask for you to consider the following.
> There are many verses in that Bibile in discussion here that refer to {wine}. If the whole matter is taken into consideration, there are two major thoughts concerning {wine}.
> One is that there are two types of wine, one being fermented, and the other the fruit of the vine, without alcohol.
> The book with the account of Noah has a passage where Noah planted a vinyard after the flood subsided and became drunk. This could have been accidental because the flood changed the eath and I find no mention of drunkeness or fermentation in that Bible before the flood. Before the flood people lived for hundreds of years, the earth was different. There could have not been fermentation and people drank the fruit of the vine unfermented.
> There are many Bibile verses that state to not harm the body. So if we look at the whole Bible in regards to {wine}, we could find verses that use wine in a symbolic manner. Then there is as to if the wine was fermented or not. Then there is good wine (in Matt). Could not good wine be fresh wine?
> Lou

I have been talking here about being at the Great Gulf. And that one is separated from one side to the other. And in That Day, the day that you may stand at the edge, you may wonder what separates you from going to the other side, for the separation can not be passed from one side to the other by human means.
This thread could bring out what that separation is, for there it has been revealed to me that there is a Great Deception to mankind. And as I stood at the edge of the Great Gulf, I saw a great fire at the bottom of the gulf. And the Rider was there and said, "Your (redacted by respondent) have separated you from your God."




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