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Re: Lou's response to rayww

Posted by rayww on November 10, 2004, at 0:47:16

In reply to Lou's response to rayww rayww, posted by Lou Pilder on November 9, 2004, at 20:50:10

It is my understanding that the Jews don't believe in the resurrection. therefore, no matter what my answer, it would be invalidated by your belief. so, because I'm not quite sure why you are asking such a question, and recall that you requested I not write to you, I shall answer it in the words of Jesus.
Eph. 4: 5
One Lord, one faith, one baptism.

Lou if I felt you were sincere we might enter a discussion, but you have given me reason to mistrust your intent. I am near certain you are attempting to trick me into stating that in order to enter the highest degree of exaltation one must be baptized. To enter the heaven that is taught and believed by most religions, baptism is not necessary. Neither is marriage for that matter, but to enter the highest, where God himself dwells, marriage and baptism are recorded and in effect eternally. What else might be the point of earthly baptism, if not for a heavenly reward? If baptism can procure such position, then certainly the ordinance of marriage should also. Why else would God be so specific in describing the sanctity of marriage, if it didn't have eternal consequense? Families can be together forever. #188,17929,4958-1-2,00.html#nullLink

Do you want to believe in eternal family? Then the Lord will show you how it can happen. Do you want to believe in a family that is disolved at the time of death? Then, so be that also. There will not be marrying in heaven because marriage is performed on earth. There is a kingdom for everyone, according to their belief, room for all you might say. You get pretty much what you believe in. Unless, you don't believe in the resurrection, because whether you believe or not, everyone will be resurrected. Resurrection is real Lou. Total 100% restoration of all that was lost at death.

When I say we will all get according to our belief, that is not to say all will not have the opportunity at some point to knowingly make a choice. Everyone, including the Jews will cross that bridge. All will have the opportunity to one day look Jesus in the eye and say
"My Lord, My God".

And.....there is absolutely nothing anti-semitic about that. It is the most all-inclusive belief there is. (some people of my faith believe all or most of the above several paragraphs, but I believe it all in my own understanding)




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