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Re: If not, how do you get faith?

Posted by rayww on November 4, 2004, at 22:49:02

In reply to Re: If not, how do you get faith? rayww, posted by alexandra_k on November 4, 2004, at 19:14:34

> > but how would you differentiate between PMA, faith in god, and faith in stuff?
> I guess that I wouldn't. That is why I have been talking about how we can have faith in lots of different kinds of propositons, religious ones being just one particular variety.

<<<Alexandra, now I am beginning to understand why you (and others) don't understand faith in a God.

> Or in english, I figured that if one has faith that 'god exists' then this is the same kind of faith as having faith that 'the future will be like the past'.

<<<<When was the end all of faith supposed to be that God exists?

> But maybe religious or spiritual faith is different from the latter case. I don't know...

<<<<<Now you are beginning to understand me. By admitting you don't know invites me to say I do know. If you haven't experienced it, it would be impossible to know. I have experienced it. I know God lives. I know faith gets things done, in a hurry sometimes. I know faith in God isn't just about God, its about doing His work, being His hands, saying His words, loving His love. It's about being there for miracles and recognizing them. It's about reverent prayer and holiness, and humility and meekness. It's about keeping the commandments and loving our neighbor as ourself. It's about life and living it to the fullest. Faith in God is all-encompasing. It's about a divine center, with focus on Christ, it's about redemption and exaltation. What isn't faith in God about?

The big question is how does one learn to recognize faith in God? Well, you lose something, you pray, and then you find it. Prayer works every time. A little child learns at a young age about prayer and faith. These simple lessons carry her over a life time. I have never known a moment of life without faith in God. I cannot even comprehend not having faith, or not believing in God. I have seen the world, lived in it, been part of it, but always under the umbrella and protection of faith. It's a shield against the firey darts of Satan, as real as metal armor.

I think it is referred to as the "breastplate" in the whole armor of God.>;

I understand your point of view, and also that of others who don't know about God. I have never criticized anyone for their belief, have I? I don't recal ever saying you are wrong to believe as you do. You may believe however you choose, but I don't think you should assume that people who believe in God don't have what to base their belief on.

We base our belief on God himself, and that is a sure foundation. One upon which if men build they cannot fall, and that is a promise (covenant) from God himself.




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