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Lou's response to rayww » rayww

Posted by Lou Pilder on November 9, 2004, at 20:50:10

In reply to Re: please revise that: Part 2, posted by rayww on November 6, 2004, at 18:53:19

> Part 2
> Next time you see green olives, think of how God serves all.
> Olive 1: Grandfather and the Green Olives
> Everyone in my family loves green olives. If we have a family dinner and forget the green olives, we soon hear about it. The other day my mother asked me if I could remember Grandpa bringing us children green olives. We lived on a farm where my grandparents lived in one house and our family lived across the yard. There was one car between us and it was his. Grandpa had meetings to go to in town and would quite often bring us a treat. He did not believe in spoiling children with candy, so his treat was often a bottle of green olives. We grew up thinking of green olives as a treat.
> The parallel here is that God serves us by doing what is best for us, not necessarily what we think we would like. We can learn to love the green olives of life.
> Olive 2: The Allegory of the Olive Tree: - - God serves by gathering His people (including the Jews)
> In the allegory of the olive tree, the ancient Prophet, Zenos describes the gathering process of the House of Israel. As is described here allegorically, God never gives up until he succeeds. The Jews and the whole House of Israel have great promise.
> The Olive Tree:
> preamble
> The allegory
> The blessing
> Olive 3: "The Olive Leaf" God serves us by giving us peace eventually casting Satan out of our midst forever.
> The Olive Leaf:
> In December 1832 the United States of America and the world and the church was in quite a sad state of affairs.
> On Christmas day 1832 Joseph Smith received the “war prophesy”, in which he prophesied the coming civil war, and other calamities. Two days later he received the “peace prophesy”
> He affectionately named this revelation “The Olive Leaf” plucked from the Tree of Paradise. It must have brought him great peace at the time because there was a lot of persecution and destruction happening right then. People of my faith believe these two revelations actually came from God.
> Bob, under the circumstances and coincidences of faith, I feel this has to be included in the preamble of my revise. If you would like further clarification……..first please explain why Jacob 4:15 caught your attention. Then, perhaps if y[L]ou could read from there to the end of the allegory in Chapter 5 and the explanation in chapter 6, I hope you would receive understanding that this is in no way antiSemitic. Thank-you.
> al·le·go·ry n
> 1. a work in which the characters and events are to be understood as representing other things and symbolically expressing a deeper, often spiritual, moral, or political meaning
> 2. the symbolic expression of a deeper meaning through a story or scene acted out by human, animal, or mythical characters
> 3. allegories considered as a literary or artistic genre
> 4. a symbolic representation of something

In your post above there isa link under "Olive 3". When you click on that a page comes up and if you scroll down to P:314 there is a paragraph and in it reads:
[ baptized in the name of ...The Son..and recieve the ordanance...of him who is ordained...the {only way} man can enter into the celestial kingdom...]. Could you clarify if this statement in question means that jews and others that do not get[... baptized in the name ...of the Son...and do not receive the ordanance...of him who is ordained..] can not enter the celestial kingdom?
If you could, then I could have the opportunity to respond accordingly.




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