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the difference and similarity Dena

Posted by rayww on August 25, 2003, at 23:45:07

In reply to Re: trying to define spiritual experience (clumbsy) rayww, posted by Dena on August 25, 2003, at 13:11:58

> Raywww -
> You left us hanging! Right in the middle of a sentence (I do that often when I'm talking).
> I'd like to hear the rest of your thought.
> Please continue.
> Shalom, Dena

:<( .....and risk getting banned again? Dena, you and I just have to learn at what point to stop writing, and sometimes the only place to stop is in the middle of a .... :<)

Dear, "very kind" Dena, what I observed was that any spiritual/emotional/excitement type feeling I had during those meetings seemed to vanish as soon as I walked out the door. It left me sort of asking, "now what? Is that all?". In fact, I felt a little unsettled, probably no different than you would feel after attending one of our LDS meetings, if you weren't used to our way of doing things.

I once attended a youth conference, where there were instructional classes offered every evening for three consecutive days. Guest speakers were invited to deliver their various youth-oriented messages, from practical to spiritual.

On the second day, a special request was made for everyone who planned on coming to the final session the following day, to come fasting and praying, and to bring their scriptures. If anyone had a bad attitude about doing so, they were invited to please stay home. (Some kids come to these things becaue their parents want them to, or else to check out who is there, and not for the right reasons). At one point in his message, the speaker asked everyone present to pause for a minute silence, and in their thoughts and hearts, invite the Savior to attend. As he proceeded, there was this feeling that came into the room. Everyone experienced it a little differently, but it was like you just wanted to stay there in your seat, and never leave. It was like a silent rushing of a gentle breeze.

After the meeting was over, and the closing hymn and prayer had been offered, no one got up to go home. That is very unusual for a group of 14-18 year olds. It was like they were all trying to absorb whatever was there inside the chapel. Gradually the youth started to file up to the front of the chapel toward the speaker to thank him for helping them experience the Savior's love, and for teaching them about him. With tears flowing, and hugs everywhere, they gradually started to leave the church. Even as I write about it, I am reminded of how it felt.

It was not a bipolar experience. It was as real as anything I have ever done. There was a power in the room that could not be denied, and all who were there went home different than when they had come.

This was the highest of all highs for me. I love the Savior, Jesus Christ. I know Him. If I was to see him face to face, I would not know any more than I do now that he lives. To me it was evidence and another witness of an absolute truth.

Now, whether this meeting was of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or of the Church of England, it matters not. This probably could happen in any group of individuals who were united in purpose, and one with God. It could happen in the ghettos of New York City, or in the slums of Mexico. It could happen in your home.

But then what? Is that all there is? No. You will be motivated to study all you can about this person called Jesus, and will try to follow his plan for happiness, and be more committed to living a Christ-centered life. There was more happiness and joy in that room that night than I have ever felt at any other time in my life.

For what reasons do Christians attend church? To worship their Lord, Jesus Christ. All are united in that similarity. So no matter what our differences in how we choose to worship, our similarities are what label each one of us "Christian".




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