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trying to define spiritual experience (clumbsy)

Posted by rayww on August 24, 2003, at 9:38:11

I enjoyed a weekend of mania or something. I had an almost super human ability to work fast and hard. I don't know how I knew the exact number of jars I would need to process the vegies from my garden, or how much to pick for it to work out exactly right for my two pressuer canners, but at the end of the day the numbers had been perfect. I won't go into detail because that is not my point. The point is, I was able to "channel" the mania toward something positive, and I took it to the limit. The end result was real. I had a shelf full of food processed from my garden. There was nothing imaginary about that at all. But nothing short of a miracle for me at this age and stage of aches, complaints, and pains.

Spiritual mania can be real too. Even when taken to the limit. Bipolars have that special ability to experience life in the outer limit arena. I like it out there for the most part. I don't like the down time, but it always passes eventually.

Sexual mania is also real. Ask my husband. When one does not understand the mania, one might try to manipulate, force, expect regularly, what can only be achieved in the (channelled) cycle. Pity, pity.

Let me see if I can express this right. In life there is such a thing as a spiritual orgasm of sorts too. What if there was this once in a life time huge spiritual orgasm waiting and was within reach of everyone? You go along, wondering if you have had it or not, and sometimes think "this is it", but when it actually hits, you suddenly understand. All the other little spiritual experiences, take formation behind this one, and then it makes perfect sense. You realize the numbers have worked out for you, as though you actually knew what was coming. Perhaps something inside of us does know what is coming.

I doubt I can do this justice with words, because it's just a feeling I have. But, until we have a "real" spiritual experience, we will not be able to understand what a real spiritual experience actually is.

Does everyone agree that we have a spirit inside our body, that youthful personification of ourselves, the eternal element that cannot be destroyed, the spirit son or daughter of God? That bouncy trouncy happy joyful part of ourselves? When that part of us has a spiritual experience it is very real.

The reason medications can alter or affect our spirituality is because God works through natural law in everything too, and yes, man can alter natural law. There is supposed to be perfect balance and harmony in natural things. When that balance goes out of whack just a speck (pardon my lack of scientific terminology?) we may hallucinate, or envision, or see things that are not here. We may hear sounds that aren't there. This is not a spiritual experience.

However, it is possible to hear sounds that aren't here, and see things that no one else can see in the real spiritual world. I have not seen, but I have heard an actual voice from heaven. It was piercingly beautiful. It was harmonious. I didn't recognize it as being from heaven at first, until I knew there was no one else sitting near me who could have produced the perfect harmony to the music being played. But as soon as the young girls had sung their song, a daughter of the voice stood up and said she knew her mother had been beside her during that program. Her mother was one of my dearest friends. I sang with her in many choruses. She had the most beautiful resonating deep alto of anyone I had ever known. She died when her youngest of 9 children was 3 years old.

THat was a spiritual experience to me, but not nearly as powerful as the witness of the Holy Ghost. The mission of the Holy Ghost is to bear witness of the divinity of Jesus Christ. When the Holy Ghost testifies to you that something is true, and you feel it from your head to your toes like a wave of warm water permeating every fibre of your being, like becoming one with the lord, like becoming part of the lord's body almost, having the holy ghost rest in you and come back again and again the same night as you pray, then and only then do you know you have had a spiritual orgasm of sorts, for lack of a better word to describe it.

Everyone is entitled to the light of Christ, or conscience, that good little imp that sits on your right shoulder and whispers what you should do. But the Gift of the Holy Ghost is different. It's more powerful, and until you experience it, you will never understand.

I had been married 25 years before I understood physical orgasm. 8 kids, good times, thought I had several, but once I had the real, I understood the rest.

I'm in my 50's. I've always been a spiritual person, and have lived my life to find favor with God. My first spiritual experience I remember vividly at the age of 4, maybe even younger. My mother's life was miraculously spared and I was comforted in my separation from her. I shall never forget the peace I felt during a time of great fear when she was 500 miles from home and there was no communication, no telephone, no email, nothing.

I've shared some pretty personal things here. I hope I haven't crossed the fine line. If I didn't love you I wouldn't have.




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