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re: auras » rayww

Posted by lil' jimi on August 19, 2003, at 11:07:16

In reply to re: auras » lil' jimi, posted by rayww on August 18, 2003, at 21:13:04

hi rayww,

> Thank you for that training.

you're welcome, although you flatter me to call it training ...
... i happen to know some of the mechanical and electrical systems of our astral bodies ...

>If I knew where to go for more information I would probably study it further (farther?)

well, it would be better if there is something in your tradition for you ... but that may not be possible ... ... many religions invalidate these experiences ...
which can be limiting ...

> As for seers, I think we may have a different understanding of what a seer is, but that's ok.

i co-opted that term to apply specifically to mean “one who sees auras” ... ... instead of the more familiar ‘fortune teller’ meaning ... i can get creative with words sometimes ... ... sorry ...

> I really understand what you wrote, especially what you said about vision, and how you look at things through your p vision, or from the corner of your eye, or when you're looking at something but not looking at it, etc.

it is an odd thing about how they (auras, et al) want to play peek-a-boo like that ...

> You may wish to debate this, but I think there are gifts to be found in some of the disorders that are very real, this being one of them.

Mercury's posts speak vividly to this issue ... ... i'm not very skeptical about this at all ... ... know how we get told there's a fine line between genius and insanity? ... ... i believe the line is finer between the mystic and
the madman ... ... in fact, that's the stereotype for people with spiritual vision ...

> I'm almost embarrassed to admit this but I have been told by many that I have a gift of sorts, some say I am the most spiritual person they know, others note that I seem to know what they are thinking before they think it, funny stuff like that. I don't really believe it. I have too many problems in my channeling to keep the communication clear. Oops wrong word for this congregation.

i am grateful to you for overcoming your embarrassment to share this with me (us) ... ...
... ... i do feel that there are great challenges for those with sight to overcome the perils from seeing too much ... ... or too clearly

... ... any words you may choose should work fine among my spiritual community ... ... were you concerned about the term “channeling” ? ... no need to be here .... well, not with me anyway ...

> I have issues and personal things I have to work very hard on to do with the disorder. Life in normal lane has never been easy for me, a person who loves to swing in the outer limits of thought and fear.

there is the risk of one’s sight revealing more than can be absorbed ... ...
... ... and there are those who suffer from their vision of the celestial overwhelming their sense of time and place ...
... ... having a larger perspective can sometimes be cosmically disorienting
... ... some people have lost their way ...

... which is why i want to find you the experts to help you with your vision ...
... but i am Not sure how ... yet ...
... yet, if you’d like, i shall try ...

bliss to you,
~ jim




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