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Re: aura rayww

Posted by Temmie on August 18, 2003, at 11:34:33

In reply to aura lil' jimi, posted by rayww on August 17, 2003, at 23:45:49

whoa, gotta inject some questions here if you don't mind. You talk of manipulating your aura, going in and out of it. Might this be compared to countenance?

***No. According to my Webster's "pocket dictionary," "countenance" refers to: (1) facial expression; (2) the face; visage; (3) approval; support.

Working with one's aura or Light is nothing more (or less) than working with one's ki, chi, life energy, whatever you care to call it -- working with one's life energy. The "in Him was Light, and His Light was the life of (wo)men." The glue, the goods, the stuff that fuels our essence. The presence of the Father within. The energy that sustains our existence. You know what I'm talking about.

And - - pardon my naivete but doesn't everyone see auras surrounding other people and objects?


I see them but don't understand them. What of the different colors? What does a blue aura mean, what about a thick bright yellow/white one? Why are some that you think should be large, actually very thin? And why is it easier to see them on some days than on others? Why do they suddenly surprise you when you aren't looking for them?
You don't have to answer all these questions, but they are the ones I have about auras.

***I don't see auras at all time, either, and thank God whenever I do. When you meet someone who's carrying a great deal of Light (i.e., they're working with the Light, full of love, or whatever), I believe they appear a little brighter than others. In fact, a LOT brighter! As for colors, I don't know. Maybe you could do some research online and let us know? There are books that have been written about this .... There are myriad theories. Some associate pink with the Blessed Mother or Goddess energy, others associate blue with Christ energies .... I don't know -- I'm just always so touched, and feel so blessed, when I see the protective cushion of God's Love, Light, and Life we exist within. If only we knew ... and worked with it ... etc. etc. etc. -- which I why I so love Lil' Jimi's exercises. We do know! We can work with it. We can make it grow -- and we can pray that all whom we meet and come into contact with are touched by the presence of God's love, lifted up into higher consciousness, and healed.

Welcome to others who care to share their thoughts and experiences!

In Light!




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