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I Dreamed My Teeth Were Falling Out

Posted by Temmie on August 19, 2003, at 2:51:03

In reply to Re: Broken Horses/Broken Hearts/Travails of the Spirit Temmie, posted by rayww on August 18, 2003, at 21:53:42

Im sorry, Ive lost some of the information in the transfer of this article from The New York Times, 27 oct 02

Falling, flying, infidelity - yeah, yeah, been there done that last night. You know what? Pay attention to your recurring dreams - they might be trying to help you change your life. Bronwen Gora reports.

We rarely take notice of the messages we receive from repetitive dreams, but they can tell us a lot about our fears. According to psychologists and counsellors, they are road maps of our lives and can teach us something. "Dreams are a primary part of the process of understanding your own internal landscape," says Bondi-based counsellor Siana Carren. "They're like maps of the journey we're on." And if the dreams are repetitive, it means you're not working on their message. "Your mind will keep sending you the same dream until you act on it," Carren says.

This means analysing them as much as possible and then taking steps to resolve any troublesome issues, through counselling if necessary. Basically, a recurring dream means there's an issue in your life that hasn't been dealt with - and you must get to the bottom of it.

For instance, psychologist Michael Burge had a client who dreamt of a scary hawk on a tree about to attack her. "When she analysed it more she saw it (the hawk) was a part of herself, a strong part she'd been denying."

It's very important we do this or we will lose the lesson and it will affect our lives.
Psychologist Stefan Durlach, who follows philosopher Carl Jung's interpretations of dreams, says you must "engage with what comes up in a dream" to "create a parallel experience" with your life. So try to write down and/or remember your dreams in such a way that you will have a memory of them as you go about your daily routine.

Teeth Falling Out

Burge says this is a highly common dream. "What's decaying in your life?" he asks. "Are there aspects of your life you're ignoring? Are you in a rut - or pushing yourself too much?"
Nacson says people with this dream often find that in daily life they are losing face or feeling shameful about something. Alternatively, if your teeth are wobbly in your dream when you are involved in something new, it may indicate you feel you are not getting your teeth into the situation.

Burge says research has shown at least 50 per cent of repetitive dreams are related to our well-being, health and growth. "So attend to it, as it's to do with your life aspirations and capabilities."




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