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This too shall pass....... karen_kay

Posted by kid47 on March 20, 2008, at 11:27:22

In reply to eating pocket change..., posted by karen_kay on March 20, 2008, at 8:17:40

but you might want to give his doc a jingle just for some reassurance. I think most of us at some point have swallowed something we probably shouldn't. (OK. knock it off.) Just recently I ingested an entire large pizza supreme, an order of bread sticks and two pitchers of beer. I figure if my gut can deal with that, a penny or a marble or two should be no problem. Relax. Nothing to be too concerned your worries for when he starts that's REALLY scary!!

PS If you really want to have some fun, put Mr. KK's undies in the fridge.

> so, yes, i have a 'change jar.' and yes, i am constantly picking up the change mister kk brigns home and putting it in the change jar. until last night, mister kk had no idea this jar even existed (he has no idea where anything is in this house. it's a wonder he can find his own clothes, and i think i may start moving those around on him, just to keep him on his toes!).
> so, my son had a fist with somethign shiny in it. as soon as i saw him clenching something, i wnet to grab it and *poof* he made it disappear. a penny. in his mouth.
> mister kk insists 'he will die. this is soooo bad. what should we do?' i insist 'i used to pick up nickels and eat them all the time. i remember doing it (yeah, i was weird, but we knew that anyway), and nothing ever happened to me.'
> he's not fussy. it's been a week. i haven't noticed a shiny penny in any diapers, but i must admit i haven't been smooshing anything around either.
> will his value go up, or will his intestines hate me for life? what to do (other than show mister kk where the change jar is, so he won't leave change out anymore)? and i don't want to do any uneccesary testing, as he'll for sure hate me, the dr's and anythign else he can sink his teeth into (not to mention the costs of xrays! ouchie!). i'm considering swallowing a penny myself, jsut so we're in this mess together.
> yeah, i'm sick. i already said that. but, he's going number 2 normally, no belly pains, and is running around like normal.... anyone? anyone?




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