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stoned? Happyflower 1 :-)

Posted by karen_kay on September 10, 2007, at 20:23:29

In reply to Re: about dropping kids and daycare.. karen_kay, posted by Happyflower 1 :-) on September 10, 2007, at 17:25:17

where'd that come from? i certainly hope this isn't getting personal, as you don't know my habits. i was reffering to klonopin making me dizzy dear.

again, i'm honestly not arguing with you. i'm just sharign my pov. and i think we are in agreement with the child care issue. someone in the business of caring for another's child shouldn't be drinking.

i one-time watched duckie fall, right in front of my own eyes as we (mister kk and myself) were putting on our shoes to get ready for chucky cheese. it broke my heart, as we both saw it happen and couldn't move fast enough to stop it (completely sober fo course). that same evening, at the pizza place, mister kk lifted the duck up, to peer in at his niece through a nifty little see-through jumgle gym thingie and bumped him right on the goose egg. he just laughed but we both felt guilty and thought 'everyone here must think we're the most irresponsible parents ever and he probably got this goose egg from us throwing him aroudn and bumping his head!'

hey, sh*t happens like that. doesn't make me feel less guilty. and the only thing i had to drink that day was iced tea and coffee. same with mister kk. maybe it was the pizza gettign to us? then again, maybe if we had a beer or two in us, we never would have attempted to do the 'pizza party' to begin with, causing the goose egg!

i can sit and analyze, over analyze and superduper analyze all day!

take care,

ps. not a 'have a happy life, i don't want to talk to you again', take care either. jsut a genuine take care.




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