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about dropping kids and daycare.. Happyflower 1 :-)

Posted by karen_kay on September 9, 2007, at 11:59:39

In reply to Re: Thanks..., posted by Happyflower 1 :-) on September 5, 2007, at 22:34:02

i've fallen before with the duck, but not while buzzed from drinking. i've tripped over toys, even though i spend close to 14 hours a day picking toys up (of course i'm exaggerating the 14 hours, though it feels like it!!!).

i'm sorry that happened to you, but does that also mean as adults we are not allowed to also enjoy ourselves by having wine with dinner?

i hope that you arent' taking this the wrong way hf, but i fear sb has guilt issues already about this and telling experiences about dropping children after drinking may not be the best reassurance for her.

my dr prescribed meds may well cause me to drop my duck (knock on wood it hasn't), and that's something that i need to cope with everyday stress. should i feel guilty for taking it, if that were to happen? better yet, should i discontinue my meds if it were and have ducky face 'mean and anxious' mommy instead? i guess we all have to make choices when parenting...

and about the daycare statement: i'm currently inthe process of checking into daycare. i should hope that no daycare facility hires someone who drinks while working. a personal choice with ones own child, i feel is quite different than someone watching my own. especially if i'm paying them an outrageous amount of money to do so. i think that most people (hopefully) know their limits when it comes to their children. from sb's post, it seems she does. she said she doesn't get drunk. (and i now there have been days in the past when i've opened a beer at noon and been fine with the duck.)

again, i really hope i'm not coming across the wrong way. my son is sick (the first time he's REALLY been sick, so i'm suffering with him) and i may appear to be a bit (what's the word??).. i don't know what the word is, but i'm thinking combatitve? i'm not trying to be dear. i just don't want sb to feel even more guilt for coping the best way she knows how currently.




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