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supermom's a hoax! SometimesBlue

Posted by karen_kay on September 5, 2007, at 11:11:08

In reply to I have a 3 mo + 2 yr old...HELP....., posted by SometimesBlue on August 24, 2007, at 15:51:12

she was a closet crackhead dear. didn't you hear about her on larry king live? she was detained by lapd and her children were put up for adoption. i think jolie/pitt are thinking of adopting them currently.

kids are tough sweetie. i've got one. that's plenty. he wears a helmet, full metal adn somehow still ends up with bumps, bruises and cries all the time. and i still wonder 'what the f*ck am i doing wrong? i bundle him all up and he's still a bleeding, bruised mess. how's that even possible?'

(((((((ss)))))))) (see, i got it right this time)

i took to drinking for a while. then my guilt issues (i've got guilt issues though, it's me) got the better of me. now i smoke like a drunken sailor (and he picks up my empty cigarette packs, leading me to thik i'm setting a bad example for a 1 year, 5 (is it 5 months? there go those guilt issues because i'm bad at math..) month old.

i hear you sweetheart, i hear you. but, i bet those kids know what a wonderful job you're doing, don't they? i know today, when his aunt watched him for precisely 5 minutes while mommy and daddy snuck away for 'play time' he did nothign but scream, looking for me. that says a whole lot. i bet your kids do the same, don't they?

sometimes we may think we're ripping our hair out and we're not up to par, but those kids sure think the world of us. (bless them!)

keep thinking of that laughter hun, because soon enough they're going to be sneaking out, lighting up their own smokes and drinking their own drinks. (lord knows, i'll be installing a tracking device on duckie so i know where he'll be before he turns 15. i have a feelign he's goign to be a hellion when he gets older :)

you're going a great job sweetheart! just ask those kids how much they love their momma! they'll tell you how perfect you are!

take care sweetie!

kk (not your son again!)




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