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thanks daisy... DAisym

Posted by karen_kay on June 27, 2007, at 9:10:38

In reply to Re: another one!!! karen_kay, posted by DAisym on June 27, 2007, at 0:50:11

i wonder sometimes if my 'laughing it off' will make him think later in life that i was uncaring and cold. or perhaps will make him like me, and laugh to no end when other people fall (yeah, i'm one of those people who laughs when others fall, but at least i laugh when i fall as well and hope others see me fall so they can laugh as well).

i think i've jsut been overly stressed lately, and i'm takign it way too hard on myself when he falls, since it is my responsibility (primary responsibility) to watch over him all day. so, when he falls, i think 'what were you doing woman? you shoudl ahve been right there to catch him!'

and how bad is this one? he even goes to the restroom with me. i don't want to take the chance of him falling or knocking something over on him while i'm lost in tabloid magazine world on the toilet, so he goes potty with mommy as well. adn then i wonder 'am i scarring my child for life by takinhg him potty with me?' on one hand i think 'it's good for him. he has fun in the bathroom, wondering around and such.' but, otoh, i think, 'there's got to be something wrong with this arrangement. he shouldn't be in here with me (even if he's only a year old.' (though, otoh, maybe it'll help him learn to go to the restroom on his own?)

daisy, i've never second guessed myself this much in my life. maybe this should go on the self esteem page? i swear, i've never been this insecure about anything. is that normal? i'd guess so, but goodness, this child-rearing thing is beyond me! i love him, i love being a mother, but i second guess every thign i do!

the other night, i put him to bed and i guess he didn't want to go. he cried and i finally went in there, as i couldn't take the pacing i was doing anymore. it only made things worse (duh! i knew it would) i finally had to put him back to bed, and he cried like i was breakign his heart. of course, it made me cry like my heart was breaking as well. it very well may have been. funny how such a small creature that can barely talk can break your heart, eh?

daisy, thanks sweetie. i appreciate it. and please tell me i'm not breaking his heart by putting him to bed at night when he doesn't want to go to bed :) i'd love to hear that!

take care of yourself dear. and i'll take very good care fo my duckie.

and how did you manage to get yours to make ti that far? sometimes i wonder how i'll ever be able to keep him alive that long, without the helmet and body padding. children are amazing, don't get me wrong. but they sure know how to pull on yoru heart strings, especially with those cries.

and congrats on raising such wonderful children! want to take part-time custody of a beautiful little duckie? maybe it'll help me with my guilt, knowing i have someone more experieinced helping out. at least i could ask you tons and tons of questions? (liek popcorn at 1 year, 2 months? a no-no? i didn't think it was a good idea, had asked laurie and she agreed, but daddy thought it was ok. i still say no.. what do you think? you get the final say so!)

thanks so much dear. again, i've never second guessed myself so much in my life, but then again, no one else's life has ever depended on it either. i think that's what gets to me...





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