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another one!!! DAisym

Posted by karen_kay on June 25, 2007, at 12:10:14

In reply to Re: i just noticed.. karen_kay, posted by DAisym on June 23, 2007, at 16:16:30

ok, i was kinda exagerrating about the bumps and bruises before (he had a few little bumps and bruises before, but nothing that would even matter) but we were gettign ready to go to chuckie cheese's and WHOMP he fell and busted his head on the window sill. and a huge bump/bruise/knot/fit(him)/guilt(me)/crying(both me and him) ensued.

someone (a wife of a friend of mr kk's who has kids) said that he may be gettign his one year molars, causign him to be off balance. and i realize he just started walking (not even a month ago), so of course he's goign to fall. but i feel like 'i'm here with him every second of every day, so why should he ever fall and bump his head?' and when he does, i'm filled with guilt. i swear, i'm going shopping for that helmet! he looked like a character from star trek when we took him to chuckie cheese, with that goose egg on his head!

and this guilt! i think much of it comes from my mother. and her horrible mothering. and i find i'm much like her, with her gossiping (and the closer i am to her geographically) the more i turn into her (not beign physically abusive or emotionally or anythign like that at all), but i bitch a whole lot at mr kk adn my sister. and i'm constantly cleaning, jsut like her. which board should this go on? (oh, and i can't eat either. i'm a mess daisy :) does that deserve a smilie face?

i don't want to be like my mother, but i see so many of her traits. the constant bitching. the constant cleaning. even teh duckie follows me aroudn and helps me clean up his toys, while he's playign with them. and i can reason, in my head, 'well, he's learnign to pick up after himself, that's a good thing' but at the same time, i don't want to be like her adn i certainly don't want him to be anal like her (nor do i want to be anal like her either. and i can certainly do without the bitching. i'm sure there are a few people in the house who could do without ti as well :)

thanks for the reply sweetie. i appreciate it. and i miss you daisy. i've missed you for a while actually. i hope you're doign well dear. i don't read the T board much, as i don't have one. is that where you post? anywhooooo.. thanks again for your reply. and take care of yourself.





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