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duckies, bruises, future therapy and walking

Posted by karen_kay on June 18, 2007, at 20:56:21

my darling duckie is walking. he just picked it up, like my new found drinking habit, within a week, adn he won't even crawl anymore. he's found freedom and i've found a kegerator. odd how i drink and he walks like a drunk. (i only drink on weekends, with a designated driver. i'm only kidding. don't call cps. seriously!)

so, now he falls a bit more. even twice in one day. and he's got nasty little bruises on him. and i'm highly neurotic (what, are you looking at me for? adn judging me? you've never done anythign wrong? i'm sorry. i just worry a lot... anyway...) about everything. and i can't help but think i shoudl invest in a helmet for him (no seriously, and my sisters used to joke about it. and i even just read it in a book too, but that child wasn't crawling yet, so that's rediculous, seriously!). but, i beat myself up over silly things. like him crying when i have to get a diaper on him. or the bruise he has from bumping his head. or, when he throws a fuss when he have to leave the park (i should stay longer, but i have stuff to do too, like fix dinner. give me a break, i've got three kids to watch, i can't play at the park all day).

but, i also have him trained to help pick up toys. and to give kisses and hugs. and he mimicks blowing kisses (oh, that's the cutest). and i tell him all the time it's about time for him to get a job, as he's about tall enough to drive a vehicle.

and i wonder, is it weird that every day, we look in the mirror together (and have since forever) and i point to him and say 'handsome' and i point to myself and say 'beautiful'? or, am i really giving him somethign to talk to his therapist about? give it to me straight! god, i really worry about these things. (but, he really is handsome and i really am beautiful.. but, i don't want a future normal bates on my hands either...)

why don't they come with instructions? well, i'm not very good with instructions either. i always add extra eggs or vanilla or something. gosh, this kid's gonna be just like me.




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