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Re: This website is full of copyright infringements

Posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2018, at 20:16:14

In reply to Re: This website is full of copyright infringements, posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2018, at 19:59:25

I did look into law a bit more (and I seriously considered it) after doing well in a law and society paper. Partly because the lecturer for the paper was really terrific. Smart and sensible and... I guess I basically agreed with her politics / what I saw of her moral stance on things, which was great because I find it increasingly rare. My tutor for the course was also terrific. Smart and interesting.

So I signed up for the other one (legal methods) and had a much more horrible time of things. Firstly, it was always going to be a bit more boring... Reading statutes and learning what the technical terms mean. Only... I have some esoteric tastes and years of technical analytic philosophy and it honestly wasn't so very bad...

But the trial thing was horrible for me because my partner wasn't particularly smart / wasn't prepared to put the hours into writing it / wasn't prepared to meet with me and run through it a few times before presenting it / wanted to wing it more. The people who were forwarded to the final did a really great job of it. It was interesting watching them (the kids of lawyers / business people). I guess I was supposed to want to join them...

So I looked into things a bit more...

And at the end of the day it looked to me to be basically a path back to philosophy. Reading and writing and talking and more of the same.

I want to look after my own health. The district health boards have been saying it for years: No help for you. Go away. Look after yourself. Sort it out yourself. We can't help you. You help yourself better than most of us could help you, anyway. And so on.

But there's things I need. For example, I need access to more information. I need access to information about what it is that I need when I get sick. If I get a sore throat then what antibiotic would be best for me and in what dosage? If I get a odd mole is it okay or does it need photographs taken? How bad do things need to be before I get a specialist to take a look? How do I choose a competent specialist? What should I ask the specialist more in particular? And so on... I am fairly sure I would do a much better job of looking after myself if I had the knowledge and power to do the informed consent thing. I think most people would. It would be terrific to put that knowledge to good use. To help people make informed decisoins about their own healthcare. I mean... Plenty of people don't want it. Don't want to know. Don't want to make decisoins. Want to be happy slaves or what not. Well, okay, to each their own.

But there are people here who want access to medical informaiton and the ability to make informed decisions for their own health. So... That's what I decided (however many years ago) I wanted to pursue...

But there's so many psychopathic kids of rich people who would rather experiment on people than on rats and cats and fish and so on... So... It's really hard to compete with that in these parts.

Law wouldn't be any different at the end of the day, and it would lead me straight back to philospohy. Because I wouldn't write the government reports the businesses will fund. So...




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