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Re: This website is full of copyright infringements

Posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2018, at 7:34:05

In reply to Re: This website is full of copyright infringements, posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2018, at 7:23:11

it would be like if you produced some good and people tried to bully you into believing that you should pay them for taking it off your hands / disposing of it. they say 'it'll cost money to bring in the trucks and they'll have to use roads' and they charge you a fee.

there is no way for you to get the goods to market yourself and the... brokers... managers... whoever... simply refuses to pay even a minimal living wage.

because that's what welfare is for. government handouts for useless people who are non-contributors.

you get conned into thinking what you've produced is low value.

and then you think about the government reports that were written about this, that, and the next thing. and you think about how much those government reports cost. how much the government paid people do write those reports.

and if we pretend that the reports were supposed to be something along the lines of objective inquiry (and not retrospective justification for whatever stupid thing the government had already done) then we can ask ourselves: is that government report a inferior good? If objectivity was the aim and the governmnt had more money to spend on the production of a better report then would the government spend money on producing a better report? Yes of course. And that shows us goernment reports are (often) low value... inferior... goods.

but you wouldn't believe the millions they cost.

while i continue to throw money at university because they refuse to acknowledge the work i do or any of the qualifications i've got.

it's very f*ck*d up.

what a waste of a life.

and of course it's not just me... there are people here...

how do we get out???




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