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Re: This website is full of copyright infringements

Posted by alexandra_k on October 24, 2018, at 19:59:25

In reply to Re: This website is full of copyright infringements, posted by ert on October 24, 2018, at 12:30:32

> The medical data is stored in encrypted servers in the basement of the hospitals.

It really should be, shouldn't it. It should be a internal network (intra-net) and not an inter-net.

This isn't the case for New Zealanders, though. We have medical records being entered into foreign designed software systems and information being transmitted by way of foreign satellites to be stored off shore on cloud servers. Don't get me wrong, we don't have the capacity to do otherwise. But I guess I've come to see how much of New Zealand is being run by the worst of the worst of the foreign business cowboys taking advantage of our laws being under-developed in order to get away with sh*t nobody would tolerate from them, back home.

I guess New Zealand has always been a refuge for that.

I just got my home power bill. Over $130 for one week of electricity in the spring time. Running 2 electric radiators on thermostat, lights, hot water, warm washing machine washes. Apparently there was a gas pipeline leak in the North Island and somehow... I get to pay for it. Because it means demand for electricity (primarily from business) has gone up and so my spot prices have skyrocketed. I do understand it's about distribution of risk... But when bad things happen to me who helps mitigate that for me?

If I had have done law...

Law degrees are very different here from the US. They are undergraduate degrees where you do a first year which has 2 law papers and you make up the rest of the year with any other papers you like. You then apply to second year law (to continue the law degree) on the basis of your GPA from your first year and they decide the places by way of some weighting system where the 2 law papers count for double, or something.

Law isn't very competitive. I am fairly sure that most people who work a bit during their first year get to continue, or, worst case, they only need do one more year of whatever other degree before achieving high enough GPA to transfer in to law. Though that might be changing... The idea seems to be to market that it's easy and then 'haha fooled you, you now need to throw another year's worth of money at the university to get to do what you wanted to do'. Generally... There isn't anything to properly limit the number of law students there are. Medicine is the only program that is properly limited because the internship year requires medical students to actually spend a bunch of time in the hospitals and though we pack them tighter and tighter and tighter so we can parade more and more and more of them into our public hospitals (or into northland GP offices) there is only so tightly we can do that in a country of 4 million people.

This means that there are very very very very very high rates of unemployed lawyers in New Zealand. And... Apparently... You really don't learn much of anything at all useful during the actual law degree. When you are near the end of completion you need to register with something or other in order to get a placement with a firm, or whatever. And a whole heap of people simply miss out. You gotta pay a fortune for them to do the psychology testing and so on... Seems to me that that's the real admission test for law. The degree... Trying to bait me with the degree... Was a way of trying to distract an infant by dancing something shiny in front of them...

I think there is something... Corrupt... About government reports being justification / documentation for things that have already been decided. I think there is something corrupt about trying to justify them on justifiable grounds instead of (at that point) undertaking an actual historical inquiry as to the real reason the decisoins were made.

No amount of legal training will have me believe / do otherwise.

I understand that as a criminal defense lawyer your job is to defend your client to the best of your ability. If there is a technicality that you find then it is your job to utilise that technicalitly (which will hopefully in the longer term result in a shoring up of that technicality). sometimes it's about enforcing proper police conduct and the like since the police often act like laws unto themselves, here, which puts many trial in jepordy and makes convictions fairly unlikely. Becuase our prisons are too full, already... Becuase people don't have lives worth living outside the prisons often enough. No meaningful way of life. Highest suicide rates in the world and horrific traffic deaths from a supposedly developed country.

> It seems for me that individuals are less well protected in the US than in continental Europe.

That is intersting and it may well be true.




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