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Re: This website is full of copyright infringements

Posted by alexandra_k on October 20, 2018, at 20:43:00

In reply to Re: This website is full of copyright infringements, posted by alexandra_k on October 20, 2018, at 20:18:49

I think I was supposed to stand up to my supervisor when I was in Aussie.

When I gave the talk that was supposed to be my mid-term only my supervisor said at the last minute it couldn't be my mid-term because... He had issues with the formatting or he had issues with the content... I was supposed to try and bully him into it being my mid-term. I wasn't supposed to... Trust him that he was acting in my best interest.

Then afterwards, when I was at drinks with the other students... Where it is customary for everyone to go to drinks and then dinner... When the only staff member came out briefly to say that he just spent the last hour trying to convince the other staff members that what I'd done wasn't 'that bad'.

I was supposed to say: 'Well then, why didn't any of them have the balls to say how bad it was to my face?' Like... During the 40 minutes of question time I had previously endured when most of them really didn't have anything to say to my face, at all.

I just let them bully me out of it. I mean... I didn't want to work with / for them anymore. I was done, at that point. I mean... It wasn't like any of them were doing anything particularly better that I could see.

When they failed me for those undergraduate essays I was supposed to go along and meet with them in person. That was what that was...

It was like how years and years and years and years before this education professor at Waikato used to withhold students essay returns and make them go see her for them. She'd do that to some students so she could have a chat to them. It became a big deal because she was trying to persuade them to join her in her prostitution travels (she worked on prostitution as a form of education which involved her interviewing prostitutes and also working along side them and also involved her trying to pursuade / convince her students to join her / them). Some law student decided to complain... Anyway...

Anyway... Since that I don't think it is a good idea to go to people's office when they call you to do so. My expeirience is they are more likely to try and bully you into something good for them and bad for you.

Not that things appear to be much better in a public setting.

It's because I don't huddle with a gang. You need gang protection to survive in these parts. It is a culture of bullies. I don't really see persons... The people with power are people who choose to keep harems. One salary means you get to support your partner and the kids and maybe an auntie or a friend or something to be your cleaner and maybe childminder. Kind of a like a nanny. Maybe a cook. one salary to support... 4 people? 5 people? 6 people?

One person...

What is that, like 1/6?

There's this whole life-stages thing to try and bully people into towing some line, too...

But I see, now, how you see how people choose to spend their money. And the whole thing about the perception of risk and the like.

I will always be sacrified for the interests of some larger group, here. Becuase I am an outlier.

The thing with the risk... Tying it to life-stages... The thing is you need an exit strategy, isn't it? If you want to take the money out then they can... Stall you for up to 6 months, or something. So I imagine they process it at the time when it is lowest on the cycle... So you want to transitoin out through thte phases. From high risk to lower risk to lower risk to lower risk.. So the time to maturity sums. Liquidity... That's the trouble, isn't it?

Anyway... I honestly suspect it's all just data collection on the 'choices' people make according to the marketing they have been given. At the end of the day I put in an amount becuase the government will match 1/2 so that's some free money. My employer would also have to match my contribution (if I contribute the lowest amount) only I don't have an employer so they obviously contribute nothing.

I see it is still true that nothing grows here.

The a2 milk thing... What are they doing? Trying to get our cows selectively bred to eliminate a particular milk protein. Suppose they succeed in that enterprise of our eliminating that particular milk protein. At that point it will be discovered that that particular milk protein (that was eliminated) is a goldmine for whatever reason. Generally... Selectively breeding one thing to the exclusion of diversity is a bad thing. A bad investment. The a2 milk thing sounds to me like a scheme cooked up by someone far too smart to be a kiwi to undermine our dairy industry.

Which might well make it a good investment.






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