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Re: This website is full of copyright infringements

Posted by alexandra_k on October 20, 2018, at 20:18:49

In reply to Re: This website is full of copyright infringements, posted by alexandra_k on October 20, 2018, at 20:10:05

And if I contribute around $21 per week the government contributes around $500 per year. And you can use up to $5,000 towards the purchase of your first home and up to $10,000 towards the purchase of your first new build.

Which is only 2-3 years later.

So, anyway... Looking at the differnet risk options...

And the different things you can invest in...

A lot of the different options seem to be... Well... Something along the lines of foreign websites. Probably developed by others in the effort to educate us...

And there are different things you can invest in. From alcohol to oil exploration to...

Treatments for diabetes or respiratory illness. Private hospitals. Aged care facilities.

And so on...

There was some islamic one that said they money was purified because of their ethical investment policies. They were investing in US companies because of the amount of disclosure required to check they were ethical companies.

But something about how they don't think it is okay to make money from money. So the contribution given to them from the IRD (I think that means the contribution from your salary and from your employer) is not pure. They say they will keep that amount aside. And ask you to donate that to charity when you get your payout. They can calculate that amount for you, later.

I didn't understand that, at all.


I can do it now, I suppose.

I realise my Mother is worse than I thought she was. She's been investing for years. Just not in me. Never in me. I think I did this post thing when I was very young (they encouraged all kids). You were supposed to take along 50c a week (we were a poor school). I did it for like 3 times or something and then I wasn't allowed.

People just always have bullied me out of things. Because they could. Nobody stood up for me. Nobody taught me to stand up for myself.

WHen I do stand up for myself people laugh and say they were 'just teasing'. People really are awful.




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