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Re: This website is full of copyright infringements

Posted by alexandra_k on October 20, 2018, at 20:10:05

In reply to Re: This website is full of copyright infringements, posted by ert on October 17, 2018, at 14:01:45

> Diabetes is big business, Alexandra.

Yes, I saw that. Respiratory illness is big business, here.

> But intellectual property rights are important eg. for inventions.

And to allow a way of life for our artists. I was doing intellectual work. There was no harm in my posting that work, here, because that work would not have been acknowledged as my own / the fruits of my labour / no way of life would have been allowed to me in virtue of my publishing it in any other way.

I realise I've done a lot of work over the years... And becuase it is intellectual work people have just bullied me out of acknowledging it. Just rubbished it or trashed it or said I hadn't worked hard enough or whatever. Just because... They could. I mean... Why wouldn't you - if you think you can get away with it? Tee hee. 'We were waiting to see when you were going to stand up for yourself!'

Awful people.

> Instead of importing very expensive needles or pens, NZ could produce the needles themselves.

I think it might be a little harder to produce medical grade needles or pens than you are letting on... And there's plastic for the barrels and whatever metal for the tips. I would imagine the machinary would be very expensive to develop / make / calibrate / maintain. We can't manage to produce... Well... Much of anything, to be honest.

> in nz there are less germs (infection diseases) alexandra than somewhere else, to some extent you're fairly privileged.

I don't know about that. I think there are germs mostly everywhere and they're fairly opportunistic about immunocompromised individuals. Whether they eat crap or live in crap or whatever... We have very high rates of rheumatic fever (a third world disease resulting in prolongued lack of access to antibiotics to treat what was initially a simple strep throat infection) and respiratory illness. From the damp and cold homes. And schools.

> i saw a film of the housing problem in nz. in the central areas of the cities they lack more and more space and the land got expensive. so they paid the inhabitants of the central areas a presumably too little price for a resettlement.

$5,000. It was to try and get them out of the inner city school districts. That was the idea. We had people willing to try and raise kids in the inner city apartments because they wanted their kids in the inner city school zones. I applied for the grant and I did not get it. They didn't say why, but it wasn't hard to figure it out. They made a comparable amount 'non-recoverable'. Which was a way of... Fiddling some statistic or other, I'm sure.

> the immigration program was fiercely debated and some people opposed the practice of a governor to facilitate immigration and citizenship for very wealthy persons.

I don't really know about that.

I've been doing a bunch of stuff on Khan academy economics, which has been really helpful. And I subscribed to 'Consumer' a while back. It's a sort of a charitable trust, or something, that provides some legal advice and a bi-monthly magazine on consumer law issues and they do sort of independent testing and reviews and the like. I remember they offered sort of good quality and sensible advice when I was a kid (reading me magazine). My Dad liked it, and would use it to help inform purhasing decisions, and the like.

Anyway... I asked their advice about trespass ordering statistics New Zealand to stop knocking on my door because they have this 'don't knock' sticker for travelling salespeople and were trying to get judges to enforce violations of that with fines.

Anyway... They have a bunch of stuff on insurance... And money... And finance... And I see that Kiwisaver is this thing... That I didn't know about / do / don't have because I don't have full time employment. It's this voluntary savings scheme thing that you are automatically enrolled in such that it takes actual effort to get yourself out of. There are over 20 different authorised agents for it... And it looks like you are automatically allocated one at random for the automatic thing (but you can change to your preference if you want).

ANd there is a bunch of information from each of the different providers. And different options with different risks... And so on...

And I see that I have been locked out. That that is one of the things that everyone else knew / is into / has been into for however many years now...

While I... Labour away for...


Yay. What a wondeful world.




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