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Lou's rsponse-the death of their child SLS

Posted by Lou Pilder on August 30, 2015, at 11:13:39

In reply to Re: Rule of no advocating without telling the risks Lamdage22, posted by SLS on August 29, 2015, at 15:34:54

> > > > So, why cant we warn readers about risks?
> > > I don't know. Who is saying that we can't?
> Well?
> > Why does nobody feel obligated to do so?
> Because there is no obligation for anyone to do so. What precedent can you cite that such an obligation exists?
> Obviously, there is no obligation for doctors to do so, otherwise they all would. They don't. How do you feel about that? You are on a lot of drugs. Did your doctor inform you about any and all possible adverse events for each drug? If not, have you confronted him with the same vigor as you are confronting the good-hearted people here who are simply making suggestions and relating personal experiences in an effort to provide information?
> If you feel that the environment here is deleterious to your health, why not look for one in which all posters are obligated to provide the information regarding any and all adverse events that are possible with each drug mentioned? When you find such a website, it would be a great service to the posting community of Psycho-Babble if you were to provide a URL link to such a site.
> Let me know how it goes with your doctors when you confront them. Did your doctor inform you about Nardil and the possibility that it could precipitate psychosis? Do you really expect that people here should be held to a higher standard than what you hold your own doctors to? Why not help out. For each of the drugs you are currently taking, list any and all adverse events that they are each capable of as provided to you by your doctors. Of course, there is no obligation for you to do so, but I would like to see if they missed any.
> - Scott

It is written here that there is no obligation for anyone here to warn readers about the risks of the adverse consequences that could befall the taker of these drugs advocated here as "medicines".
Really? In defining who has any obligation, looking at the FDA rules for {advertising} of these drugs and the rules for {endorsement} of these drugs, the question here could be if Mr. Hsiung is giving {endorsement} to the drugs advocated by members to take for their real or imagined ills or is the member posting an {endorsement}. This brings up as to if there is an {advertisement} or a {testimonial} or and {endorsement} and by who?
As to who would be in violation of any rule of the FDA, I think that anyone advocating these drugs as medicines, is giving an {endorsement} of the drugs that falls in the FDA regulations as to if there is a violation of their rules.
I do not think that the posting member is violating the FDA rules, but the rules cover advertisements that IMHHHHO could have Mr. Hsiung as a advertiser of these drugs since he allows the advocating of the drugs as part of his promotion of what is supportive and what will be good for his community as a whole as he thinks. The use by him as {being *good*} could be thought to be an endorsement not only by him, but by psychiatry since he is a psychiatrist. And worse, a psychiatrist could know that people could be killed by these drugs and does not post a warning in posts that advocate to take the drug. And even worser, mothers trying to determine to drug their child or not could be seriously misled here to believe that the drugs are safer than they really are since a psychiatrist could appear by being silent to the posts that advocate taking the drugs as to posting a warning of the adverse consequences to taking the drugs. That could cause a mother to accept, and have serious misgivings about these drugs, what they think is a testimonial and endorsement by the psychiatrist which could result in the death of their child. Who will have their blood upon them?




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