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Lou's reminder to Mr. Hsiung-ukhuhntrb

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 11, 2011, at 8:13:00

In reply to Lou's reminder to Mr. Hsiung-phozder75c2, posted by Lou Pilder on January 11, 2011, at 4:32:57

> > > > > could not also all other statements that have been notated as being uncivil here also be tranferred to a table of contents to be fair?
> > > >
> > > > Thanks, I'd like to focus on moving forward.
> > > >
> > > > Bob
> > >
> > > DR. Hsiung,
> > > I am unsure as to what you are wanting to mean here by your reply to me,[...I'd like to focus on moving forward...].
> > > One of the generally accepted meanings of {move} is to {proceed}. I also would like to move or proceed if that is the meaning that you are wanting to mean here.
> > > One of the generally accepted meanings of {forward} is that one is {going toward a goal}. The goal in our discussion that goes back to at least February 28, 2007 is concerning your action that you have taken in posting that you think that it is good for a member here to preface a statement that is not approved with {I believe} to have it approved by you here when you have posted your standard here that it doesn't matter if one believes something to make an unapproved statement approved. If this is going to be the case from here on, could one could post statements that could have the potential to lead a Jew to feel accused and/or put down and preface them with {I believe}to be approved by you?
> > > One of the generally accepted meanings of {focus} is to give rise to an image that is clearly perceived. I also agree with you that we could go forward to have our discussion achieve a clear perception of the actions that you have taken, your policy in your TOS, your rules, and your rationales for what we are discussing here.
> > > If you are taking the position that a Jew could not be led to feel accused and/or put down by reading the statement in question, then I would like for you to post here (A)your rationale for that including the generally accepted meaning of {put down} in any reply to me here and (B) the generally accepted meaning of the conjunction {but} and the grenerally accepted meaning of {came by} and (C) the use of the statement in the doctrine of {replacement theology} that has been used for centuries and (D) to do a search using [replacement theology,millions] to include what you could read in that search as pertaing to millions of Jews in relation to {replacement theology}.
> > > Then, if after you could do that, could you post here any authority that says that a Jew is not likely to feel put down when the statement in question has been used for 2000 years to promulgate {replacement theology}?
> > > Lou PIlder
> >
> > Dr. Hsiung,
> > In continueing my reply to your reply to me, let us look at the rephrase that is in question as to {the action that you have taken}.
> > The poster wrote,
> > [...I personally believe the passage in the bible that states
> > "For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ."...]
> > How's that?
> > You replied and posted;
> > [..I think that's good, thanks...]
> > The discussion that we have been having since February 28, 2007 has me having a want to focus on your rationale for what you posted to the member and the action that you have taken and the policy of yours and the rules here.
> > Looking at your reply to the member, you write,[...That's good...]. I am unsure as to what you are wanting to mean here by that. Is it good that the member has that belief? If so, I am unsure as to what you are wanting to mean then as that you have in your TOS that you would like members to trust you because you write that you do what in your thinking will be good for the community as a whole. It is this aspect of your policy and your rationale and the action that you have taken that is what I would like to bring into focus here for I am unsure as to what the picture could be as to what you have posted in regards to that you have also posted here that { doesn't matter if you believe it...].
> > You have also posted here something like ,[ is inevitiable that some members will not feel supported...]. I am also trying to use that statement by you to bring into focus all of your actions and rationales and policy and rules here.
> > If your action in question here is for the members of the community to think it is to be good in your thinking to be good for the community as a whole, and that members trust you as to the actions that you do, is it then a condition for me as a Jew to be a member here by accepting that you think that it is good that the member believes that, and that it is also good for the community as a whole to expell me from the community if I was to post that my God has revealed to {me} a commandment {that I} XXX (the foundation of Judaism)?
> > As far as you posting in regards to your statement something like that you have nothing to add {at this time}, could you have anything to add at this time? And in regards to your statement something like{ that would be bringing the past into the present}, there has been a past where Jews were expelled from their country because they were Jews, which meant that they believe that their God has given (them) a commandment that (they) XXX (the foundation of Judaism). Is that {past} being brought into the present?
> > Here is the link to the post of your action
> >
> > Lou Pilder
> >
> Mr. Hsiung,
> In regards to your reminder policy for outstanding requests, the above.
> Lou Pilder

Mr. Hsiung,
In regards to your policy to that if someone wants to know your rationale and such, to keep reminding you, the above requests and concerns of mine are outstanding. I think that it could go a long way to helping Jews and others from being bullied in schools and other places if you were to address my concerns here about what could have the potential in posts to arouse antisemitic feelings and have the potential for others that take mind-altering drugs that could induce a mind-alterd state to compel the one taking the drug(s) to kill themselves amd/or others. For if they see that statements that could arouse antisemitic feelings are allowed to stand, one could IMHO think the forum is fostering replacement theology by you as saying {that's good}, that there is the potential IMHO for the one going to kill others to target a Jew if they read the posts in question here as considering those statements in question to be supportive as being alllowed to stand.
Lou Pilder




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