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Lou's reminder to Mr. Hsiung-uehylwhegt

Posted by Lou Pilder on March 25, 2012, at 6:38:53

In reply to Lou's reminder to Mr. Hsiung-ukhuhntrb, posted by Lou Pilder on October 11, 2011, at 8:13:00

Mr. Hsiung,
In regards to your stated policy that it is fine to discuss actions that you take, your rationales, feedback, reminders etc, the above requests from me are outstanding.
Now {replacement theology} as I see that it could have the potential IMHO to be thought to be promoted by you here by some people that could think that what you wrote here, (that's good) in question is what it is as I am requesting the clarification so as to be clearer concerning this here.
You see, there could be a correlation to what you have written here and Jews being targeted for murder. I base this on the potential for people taking mind-altering drugs to find their way to your site via a search and then they could read your post here in question along with other statements by you here in the same mind-set concerning Jews and others that do not accept the claims that are in question here that you are allowing to stand.
Now when an internet community owner writes what could have the potential for some others to think that one faith is better or superior in some way to other faiths, by the nature that what is written could mean that one faith supercedes or replaces another faith, this could have the potential IMHHO to give some people (false) superiority feelings and then if their mind is taken over by the drug to have them want to kill themselves and/or others and even commit mass-murder, they could think to target a Jew or any of the other people that reject the claim in question that you write that you {think that's good} for you say that you do what in your thinking what will be good for the community as a whole and they could act on that claim by you as being that it comes from a psychiatrist, it could have some sort of swaying power IMO to induce an endorsment of what you say is good. They could also think that it is supportive because you say that support takes precedence and you not only allow the statement in queston, you state {that's good}.
Now at this point, there are numerous outstanding requests from me and outstanding notifications. My concern now is to what your intent here could be. If you could post answers to the following, then I could have the opportunity to respond to you.
A. Are you aware that I am experiancing emotional distress due to that there are numerous requests from me to you that are outstanding and that I could be a victim of antisemitic violence until you act on my requests and notifications?
B. Are you aware of the historical parallels of when communities allowed statements that could arouse antisemitic feelings?
C. Have you been contacted by any police agency to see if those that have killed others in schools, shopping centers, killed their children, killed government employees, etc, as were on mind-altering drugs given to them by psychiatrists, that have visited your site? (I realize that if a police agency has contacted you to see if a murderer has visited your site that it could be confidential). But if they have, then there is the potential IMO that they could have it planted in their mind to kill a Jew by the nature that you are allowing statements that could arouse antisemitic feelings to stand. I do not accept any reasoning by you to allow that here.
Lou Pilder




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