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Re: Most antidepressants are rubbish SLS

Posted by jay2112 on November 15, 2022, at 12:26:00

In reply to Re: Most antidepressants are rubbish jay2112, posted by SLS on November 8, 2022, at 10:07:52

Hi Scott:

> Hi, Jay.
> > Hey Scott,
> >
> > Yeah, I rapid cycle quite a bit. BUT, I have made HUGE strides in going with a small bit of a dopamine agonist, and adding a pro-gaba powerful drug with Lyrica. The dopamine agonist lifts me greatly when my anxiety and depression sink in.
> > So, I think I have tamed the wild mood swings...and my god, do I feel like *myself* again!
> > Plus, I have a personal community worker who helps me with both existential angst, and practical problems in my life.
> As I mentioned earlier, biogenic depression leaves psychological damage in its wake, regardless of how well adjusted you were prior to its onset. Conversely, often times the first depression is the result of a psychological insult to the brain. Too much chronic trauma or psychosocial stress are the enemies of a healthy, although vulnerable brain. Your "angst" and existential crises could easily have generated the brain dysfunctions responsible for your mood instability. However, once triggered, it is the dysfunctional biology that perpetuates the depression, even though the original psychosocial stressors are removed. Your community worker may be helping you immensely by quieting your mind and reducing stress in order to allow biological somatic therapies to produce improvements that persist.

Yes, if I didn't have the meds to help me sleep, and help me wake in a decent mood, it would suck. But, to solve many of my practical, day to day problems, a counsellor was/is needed. This is the 'art' part of psychiatry. We have combined the medical model, and the recovery model, to supercharge our healing. Just google 'recovery model mental health'. With my mind feeling better from meds, I am much more receptive to creative ways to adapt and thrive in this world. We don't learn to walk, talk, think, without parents and teachers. We still need this guidance no matter how old we get. Therapy is vital.

> > But, grabbing hold of the biological chemistry with the new dopamine/gaba axis angle, is a step in the right direction, I think. I know Nardil has powerful pro-gaba qualities, so I am trying to simulate something similar to what you have with Nardil.
> Wow, Jay. That's phenomenal. Congratulations. Combining dopamine receptor agonists with pro-GABA drugs is a new one on me. Very impressive. Do you know anyone else who has had similar results using your strategy?

Not really. Oddly, I still take a small amount of antipsychotic. But I think they act more as 'dopamine stabilizers'.

> Don't rock the boat. Don't fix what hasn't broken.
> Continued health...

Thanks...I wish the best to you too :)

> - Scott


Humans punish themselves endlessly
for not being what they believe they should be.
-Don Miguel Ruiz-




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