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Re: Hoping Nardil kicks in at 60 (wk3) - up to 90 Tfeld

Posted by KathrynLex on August 9, 2018, at 14:18:38

In reply to Re: Hoping Nardil kicks in at 60 (wk3) - up to 90, posted by Tfeld on August 9, 2018, at 9:32:09

Hi Tom

I thought I responded to you earlier today, but it looks like my post didn't go through. Probably user error!

Thank you so much for your feedback about Nardil. I like your idea of starting out with a low dose, especially because I'm ridiculously sensitive to meds. I'll be sure to bring it up with my pdoc.

I really appreciate hearing your success story. It sounds like you've been able to overcome a lot of obstacles, and I admire how hard you're working to get well. Looks like it's really paying off! I hope you continue to have lots of success with your current combination of meds, and thank you again!


> Hi Kathryn,
> I am doing quite well on 37.5mg Nardil since having switched from Marplan (90mg; Marplan is currently having severe manufacturing issues and is out of production for now), and was also able to drop Deplin and desipramine 75mg (which I just retried at 12.5mg and realized how much I hate it!).
> I've actually lost about 12lbs, which is very strange given Nardil's propensity for weight gain and even more so that around the same time starting Nardil I'd just detoxed off crystal meth (47 days ago) as well -- I "should" be a whale by now! I have also stopped having outrageous carb cravings since the changes and have really cut down on how much I eat, not eating btwn meals, etc... but also my doc and I agree that perhaps the weight loss could reflect the vast improvement in illness -- my anxiety and bipolar depression (finally stable), level of stress, etc.
> I would suggest starting slow, since I've turned out to respond to this very low dosage (many are hasty to jump up high to 90mg), but I do also take other meds that augment it. Nonetheless, 45mg was too much for me. I got more depressed/ anxious, not to mention via Nardil's inhibition of CYP3A4 my Klonopin and Abilify levels went up problematically and dosage reduction rendered them ineffective -- it just was too much. Dropped back to 30mg, which was too little (Nardil has exponential pharmacokinetics) -- 37.5mg seems to be my "sweet spot."!My only side effects are mild sedation and somewhat decreased libido.
> My current regimen (best so far):
> Nardil 37.5mg
> pramipexole 1.25mg
> Desoxyn 60mg
> Klonopin 4mg
> Abilify 6mg
> lamotrigine 25mg
> lithium carbonate ER 300mg (which we plan to decr or eliminate)
> And lots of 12-step meetings!!
> Best of luck to you with your washout and trying Nardil! It's been a total lifesaver for me and was undiagnosed with 3 anxiety disorders within 2 weeks! I'm remission from PTSD, social anxiety, and Panic Disorder (just mild-moderate GAD now, avoidant personality quickly improving; severe-but-treated ADHD, and just for today stable Bipolar I). Cheers!
> Tom




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