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Re: Let's play with numbers. (Repost) linkadge

Posted by bleauberry on May 8, 2018, at 8:59:30

In reply to Re: Let's play with numbers. (Repost), posted by linkadge on May 4, 2018, at 16:28:02

> Blueberry, I'm sorry, but get serious.

I didn't come here to joke.

>I'm glad you're feeling better, but your 'cure' is simply not everybody's cure.

There is no way of justifying that. There is no way of telling the lyme doctors who are healing people that they are wrong. You haven't even talked to one. You've never had an evaluation by one. You've never heard anything about it except from me. And the main thing is that there is an obvious closed mind right at the start of discussion. But that's ok. I get it. It takes time.

> If thyroid medication helped my depression, sure I'd share my story, but I wouldn't ram it down everybody's throat as a 'cure all'.

This shows the fallacy of some of our current medical thinking. We refer to a thyroid issue as if it were a separate thing. There is no curiosity as to why the thyroid is messed up - what exactly made that happen? The moon? No, in my world, that is an extremely common portion of tick born infections - to mess up the glands. Treating the messed up gland does not treat the underlying disease. It only treats that malfunctioning gland. Which is not the actual ultimate problem. The gland was fine and dandy until something happened. We have to find out, what happened? It isn't as hard or mysterious as most make it seem.

> At best, the contribution of Lyme's to overall incidence of depression is likely in the single digits.

Making things up. Inventing numbers that feel good. The best numbers we have are from doctors working in the field - according to them, out of 10 diagnosis, only one of them is correct. This is what I meant when I said number crunching is not healing. It just isn't. If anything, it is a way of exercising resistance and opposition to justify feelings while rejecting new information that doesn't feel comfortable.

>If you think it is more, you are simply not looking at the totality of current data.

The data sucks. That is the problem. There is not good data. That's why we are all where we are. It is very incomplete, very biased, and not up to date with technological advances. If you put bad data into a computer you will get bad results from the software. That is what is happening in the medical world too often, and definitely in this discussion.

> If you have more accurate data (not hunches) to support your claims, please share. Otherwise, stop recommending everybody pop needless (and not harmless) antibiotics.

What I share here is not supported by science simply because science has not looked at it. They have not yet taken 1000 treatment resistant depression patients and put them on 3 rotating antibiotics for 9 months in order to duplicate what LLMDs are doing in the real world. It has not been done.

For me to recover from 20+ years of treatment resistant depression/bipolarI/BipolarII,Schizoaffective/Anxiety (I had all of those diagnosis by the time I finished with 12 specialists), for me to recover from that DID REQUIRE antibiotics. According to the attending doctors, 9 out 10 chronic psychiatric patients fit into that picture as well. Not just me. I am not an odd case. Babblers talk about me like I am a weird outlying case. Not so. Very, very common. The most common thing seen in the clinics actually.

Paxil. Prozac. Zoloft. Proazc+Nortriptyline. Prozac+Desipramine. Amisulpride. Prozac+Zyprexa. Lexapro. Lexapro+Abilify. Lexapro+Seroquel. Nortriptyline. Desipramine. Parnate. Modafinil. Depakote. Lithium. Xanax. Valium. Wellbutrin. Remeron. Remeron with all the above. Trazadone. Baskets of herbs and supplements. Many other meds I am not remembering at this moment......all of these exotic chemicals and exotic combinations of 2,3,4, and even 5 of them at a time, were nearly useless when compared to the amazing progress with antibiotics. Fact. Profound.

But when you get three different doctors and one nurse, all from different locations, they don't know each other, but they all agree on the same conclusions, and all them arrived at their conclusions based on their own experience in their own clinics, that is hard to argue with. You can only really resist that and fail to confirm it by having a preconceived resistance to the whole thing, without basis other than emotionalism.

> My cure for everybody's depression is chocolate covered gumballs. Do I have any evidence? No - I don't need it. I don't bother myself with trivial things like data / proof. I'm interested in curing people.

I've never heard of different doctors from different locations agreeing that gumboils work. But that has happened literally millions of times for lyme and psychiatry.

> Calling Scott - 'scotty' also does nothing to support your case. As if you are some kind of authority, as if Scott is a juvenile?

Mistyped. Sorry if you were offended.

> Get real.

I am not here to be fake. I am here to bring new ideas to old sufferings. Patients are free to be curious or to object, however they see fit.

I was in the rejecting camp for quite a few years. I'm glad I didn't stay there because I would probably be dead of suicide by now if I had. My depression was really, really bad, for a really, really long time. Longer than everybody here except[pt SLS.

Maybe if the connection between stealth infections, toxicity, and psychiatry are disagreeable to you then simply ignore.

Some people are desperate for choices and options and they want to copy success stories. Some people reject all that. Human nature.

My entire journey/experience states with no doubt that longterm chronic psychiatric patients have far better outcomes being treated by LLMDs than they do by Psychiatrists. It is just that simple. Fill in the gaps any way you want to.

All of this is opinion gathered by wisdom gathered by experience gathered by 20 years in psychiatry study and gathered by 10 years in lyme study. If you had studied gumboils for 10 years and were in remission because of it, I would definitely be curious to learn more about gumboils! But that's just me.

I can accidentally sound like a salesman pushing a lyme product. But of course, think about it, I have nothing to gain. There is no money. There is no fame and fortune. With the pushback I have received from some babblers, I have honed my message to be more precise. Here it is:

If you've been suffering longer than 5 years with limited progress, GET A SECOND OPINION FROM AN L.L.M.D. That's my message to all babblers.

> Linkadge




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