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Re: MAOI large doses SLS

Posted by MightyKondrian on October 16, 2017, at 20:37:27

In reply to Re: MAOI large doses MightyKondrian, posted by SLS on October 16, 2017, at 10:37:01

> Both the selegiline patch and moclobemide are treatments with low probabilities of being robustly or persistently effective. You will most likely feel very much better with moclobemide early in treatment - maybe within the first few days. This will probably last for a week to a month before you must continually increase the dosage to maintain an improvement up to a maximum of 1200 mg/day. Also, you really should consider consuming no more than 50 mg. of tyramine at any one meal. If I were you, I imagine I would try both treatments because I am desperate, and you never from where will come your healing. Because of this, I already tried both drugs. I guess I would try the selegiline patch first if moclobemide is not available in your country. However, the selegiline patch is not very effective until you get to 12 mg/24 hrs. At this dosage, selegiline becomes less selective and inhibits both MAO-A and MAO-B. In my estimation, it is the inhibition of MAO-A that exerts most of the antidepressant effect. So, it won't be a surprise if moclobemide makes you feel better at first. The ideal MAOI would be an irreversible and selective MAO-A inhibitor.
> I hope one of these two drugs bring you to remission.
> What drugs have you combined with Nardil so far?
> - Scott

Thanks for your replies.

I dont actually plan on taking Moclobemide or selegiline in the near future. I just want to query my doc if there might be room for these meds in the future, should I need them.
I've only tried moclobemide once. I was falling asleep strait after my evening meal. Not good for someone who suffers exhaustion & lethargy on a regular basis so it soon went out the window. Yes it is available here in the UK. Interestingly, inside the patient info leaflet is a part about combining it with escitalopram! Obviously a known combo that works? I wonder how common that is.

I've taken phenelzine twice. Once for 3-4yrs and again starting shortly efore last xmas. In fact its only the last couple of months that I've even felt phenelzine doing anything positive- when I hit 120mg.

1st time round was the true Nardil 'blessing'. Lasted a good 3 yrs. Back then i was only adding 1 med at a time. Never stacked. In roughly this order: modafinil, L-Tryptophan (Optimax) and clonazepam (kept that to this day). I was too hard a case for that Pdoc so was handed over to the team leader and tried lamotrigine then aripiprazole. After that I requested a switch to Iso (Marplan ggrrr hate brand names lol). Then I was passed back to the previous doc's care.
Since switching back to phenelzine I've combined everything in my signature stack, plus quetiapine which was left over after isocarboxazid. Not so good with phenelzine. And theres alot of meds, like lithium that I tried on the Iso so have a chance to now try them again on phenelzine.

Thankfully I've just about reached my plateau thank heavens. Could be the clonidine. Time will tell. I cant expect more than this. The rest I need to do myself.


Phenelzine 120mg,Amitriptyline 100mg,Clonazepam 4mg,Bupropion 450mg,Aripiprazole 5mg,Acamprosate 2g,Clonidine 200mcg + nootropics
"If ur in full control then ur not going fast enough"-Mario Andretti




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