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Re: Quick question on possible adjunct

Posted by Christ_empowered on October 12, 2017, at 8:33:51

In reply to Re: Quick question on possible adjunct Christ_empowered, posted by beckett2 on October 11, 2017, at 16:26:21

hi. l-theanine (I go for the Suntheanine brand, since they claim to do quality control...) has helped me with some of the things you've described. Of course, I'm on psych drugs and I've cobbled together a DIY Orthomolecular protocol.

Suntheanine should be taken on an empty stomach, for best results. Personally, I've found about 600mgs in an AM dose benefits my mood, lowers anxiety a bit, and just makes things "better," all around. If I remember correctly, the going "upper-limit" for l-theanine is 1200mgs/day.

taurine helps some people. there have been a couple very small studies using 4mgs/day w/ "atypical" tranquilizers, for psychosis. Good results, apparently. I think its works on GABA receptors and also has some "side benefits," such as potential cardiovascular benefits.

everyone is different, but personally...I've found that time release b complex tablets help me a good bit. The ones I get are either b-50 or b-100. I take a couple in the AM w/food, a couple more in the evening w/ food. the only thing I do not like about these tablets is that they clearly skimp on biotin :-( .

vitamin C is fairly standard for everyone, no matter the "issues" at work. I'm into Orthomolecular, so I'm now on what many would consider a "mega-dose" (30 grams daily). I use time release tablets and divide the dose into 1 AM dose and 1 PM dose, usually w/ food.

niacinamide has helped me, too. Some people go for good ole niacin, but I didn't want to deal with the flush and gradual dosage titration, so I've always taken the niacinamide version of B3. I take 3 grams (time release) in the AM, another 3 grams in the PM, plus what I get from the b-complex tablets.

a lot of people do not get sufficient vitamin E. I take an "atypical" tranquilizer, so I've decided to go for a somewhat high dose (1,000 IU) of the natural form vitamin E w/mixed tocopherols. Vitamin E is fat soluble, so its best to take it w/ a meal containing a good bit of fat.

Adding some minerals has helped me, too. I take a good bit of selenium and a capsule w/ "OptiZinc" and some copper in each pill. I have a liquid trace mineral supplement I'll soon start taking, just to make sure I'm covering all my bases.

NAC has been used to help people w/ diagnoses of Bipolar I and I think Schizophrenia who are on psych drugs. Its an amino acid, so its probably best to take it on an empty stomach. If I remember correctly, it can take months to see major improvements.

I hope this helps. :-)




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