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Re: Thinking of Tweaking My Combo. Thoughts Please?

Posted by Louisiana Sportsman on June 15, 2015, at 20:16:03

In reply to Re: Thinking of Tweaking My Combo. Thoughts Please? Louisiana Sportsman, posted by SLS on June 15, 2015, at 12:17:49

> > Pristiq 50mg.
> * 100 mg/day?

It's definitely worth exploring although it has been shown that 100mg. offered no superiority to 50mg. in testing.

> > Wellbutrin XL 300mg
> * Exacerbates anxiety and insomnia?

I really don't think so. I don't have insomnia, I just like to be chilled out at night via antihistaminergic effects or things like valerian. I like the sleep both routes give.

> > Topamax 200mg.
> * Why?
> * 200 mg/day maximum (for psychiatric)?

For weight control and mood. Didn't respond until I go to 300mg.

> > Gabapentin 1,200mg.
> * Why?

> > NAC 1,200mg.
> * works better with Lamictal?

Definitely something worth thinking about. I've been on it and got off of it and I wonder now if I did better on it.
> > Caffeine 400mg.
> * Ruins sleep?

Nah. And the stimulation in the morning is mandatory.

> > Folic Acid
> * Deplin or L-methylfolate instead?

Would be more effective but not cost effective and would stall time when I'm trying to make more urgent changes. Definitely would prefer.

> > Latuda 40mg.
> * Generally ineffective?

Yeah, Abilify was better for me overall.
> > Melatonin 3mg
> * What time do you take it?

7pm when there is still light out. Hours before bed.
> > Thinking about adding Buspar to capture back Latuda 5-HT1A partial agonism without the heavy duty antipsychotic action.
> * Don't exclude Abilify or Viibryd from consideration as adjuncts. Both act as 5-HT1a partial agonists.

Yes, true. Viibyrd would be difficult for my PDOC to add with the Pristiq. I can see him being more open to Brintellix. This PDOC just isn't like my old one who would let me exercise freedom and let me write the scripts myself so to speak... I'm not sure if you remember some of my cocktails.
> * How did you react to Nardil or (Nardil + Klonopin)?
> * How did you react to Paxil?
> Focalin PRN for mental energy and concentration?
Will definitely explore this option.

Thanks so much for your valuable input, Scott. Got me thinking about Lamictal. May just need 100mg. if it's just for depression although I would likely target 200mg. regardless. I'm still looking at Buspar since I've never tried it and I'm always looking for the magic bullet.




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