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Re: methamphetamine use for medical purposes rjlockhart04-08

Posted by Novelagent on May 23, 2012, at 7:54:24

In reply to methamphetamine use for medical purposes, posted by rjlockhart04-08 on May 22, 2012, at 15:40:07


Please understand we're all here to support you, tough times and good times, but we can do nothing unless you have your best interests at heart first. It disappoints me you're speaking of meth all too casually, ready to rationalize away all of the ways it has already caused you so much hurt. You don't want to go to rehab? Are you sure? Because I'm not convinced. And why do you remotely think talking someone's ear off is an attractive trait? Hell, people do heroin just to be more quiet, more favorable-- "Just leave me alone / I'm taking the cure / So I can be quiet whenever I want" as it goes.

But talking someone's ear off? That's a quick way to lose friends fast. People like listeners, not talkers. Stop befriending superficial extroverts, and you may find you're a lot more able to accept yourself enough to not need drugs.

Look, if you really want to get a SLIGHT buzz, stimulated feeling, where your focus is up, entertain doubling the dose once of nuvigil. I'd rather see you do that than take meth. I know 600mg of Provigil makes me hyperfocused, like on too much amphetaminr, and I don't like it... i think nuvigil is half of what provigil is in dose, so 300mg of Nuvigil is 600mg of Provigil, but I'm not sure.

If you enjoy maybe a double dose, try just adding a half of an extra pill by talking to your doc first-- whatever you do, don't let your doc know you experimented with the dose. I'm only suggesting that because I think it poses a lot less of a risk than taking meth, and perhaps you need to feel deviant a tad anyhow.

Keep in mind your nuvigil dose, if it's even covered by insurance (I'd be surprise if it were), would have quantity limits. So taking more will probably be out of pocket, unless you can find a journal article on MedLINE that is a study of higher doses with clinical safety and efficacy proven. Your doc could submit that in a prior authorization claim to up the quantity limit.

But that aside, you need to learn a hard truth you don't want to learn yet: life sucks, and maturity means accepting your life isn't suppose to be fun. I also get the impression you already know all of this, and only are saying all of this with the hopes someone reminds you you're being absurd.

> this is site I post most of my life to...but im not a daily methamphetamine user...for one it is TOO expensive to this habit daily, the black market is pretty black as in cheating people. But right now im nuvigil 250mg ... im having problems with absorbation and its like when I take it nothing... nothing at all... and its vary frustrating because now im going to have to find medications to but under the tongue to absorb. But when I have used methamphetamine it mainly is to get that sense of power and feeling in control of the situation. When im not on it, i feel hopeless and do nothing...but this is the only way I can feel this way, people always will say go to rehab...i've been in so many f*ck*ng rehabs and did the same thing over again, its waste of money, I hate hearing the same sh*t over again. The reason I do this is 1 to get a sense of power and feel in control, 2nd it speeds up my speech and I don't feel like a mute that doesnt talk to anyone...i will talk alot on methamphetamine. Anyway...the diffrence between m-amphetamine and plain amphetamine...methamphetamine I've noticed will cause people to do the same thing over again, repetative tasks...they will sit for hours on something like cleaning something, writing poems or washing their hands over again, tedious tasks that I hate doing when I'm sober... plain amphetamine is just activating but it does not really cause this "hyperfocus" its a little more weak...but it does give attention and motivation to get things done. Meth...usally will cause paranoia too and will make some people basically crazy for a couple hours.
> But back to the point, the main reason I have used it is because of the benecial effects it has similar to stimuants, it is diffrent...than adderall, less anxiety...more hyperfocus and stronger psychogical effects and deterined to get something done. You feel like a person in power...but still I can't do this even if I go back to school for a career, meth makes my lips get vary red and I constantly have to put loads of chapstick on every hour to keep it from getting over chapped, it usally makes me lose weight fast vary fast, my facial features will change and I will lose my chunky face. But still I can't do this, i've got to just deal with the arrogant dictatior doctor I have and we'll have to figure something out....anyways until then..thank you babble for listening.
> rj




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