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Re: I think Parnate is making me actually worse..

Posted by bleauberry on January 10, 2011, at 13:50:22

In reply to I think Parnate is making me actually worse.., posted by europerep on January 4, 2011, at 17:51:28

Meds and plants that are commonly assumed to potentially improve mood can also do the opposite. So what you are feeling deserves notice. You could indeed be feel worse because it's making you worse.

But then, the murky period between meds can go on for quite a while. You may be temporarily stuck in a slow healing phase between effexor and parnate.

Parante is by no means a last resort. Have you ever done any of these.....zoloft+nortriptyline; prozac+nortriptyline; prozac+ritalin; anything+zyprexa.

Have you stopped eating all wheat/barley/barley malt products for a week to see what happens? Dairy too? Just to see?

Have tried 3 days of 12.5mg DMSA to see what happens?

Have you tried 2 weeks of Tetracycline or Doxycycline to see what happens? Notice I did not mention any tests to identify any possible infections because most of them are woefully inaccurate or do not exist. Long story. A true diagnosis is done by the reaction to a blind trial.

Tried a blood type diet? Some people feel a ton better on carb diets, others on protein diets, a blood type test can identify likelihoods as well as common foods that are offensive for certain blood types.

Vitamins. Is your B12 methylcobalamin? If not, then it needs to be tried. Same with B6....needs to be P5P just to see. Same with folate...needs to be methyltetrahydrofolate. These are all hard to find but Thorne Research has them all.

SAMe? St Johns Wort? Siberian ginseng? Rhodiola Rosea? How about the story of the famous psychiatrist's wife who didn't get better on any meds but recovered completely on Rhodiola and it is now commonly prescribed by that psychiatrist? Ya know...there's stuff.

The universe of tools the psychiatric world gives us is pitifully small and narrowly targeted. There are multiple causes of chronic stubborn depression, and most of them do not originate within the brain. The brain is only the poor guy that takes the hit from the crap going on elsewhere. If we picture depression as a pie, the psychiatric meds only represent a piece of that pie, maybe about 1/4 of the pie at most. The rest of the pie is totally ignored as if it doesn't exist.

A one day trial of vicadin? This would help identify if it is an endorphin depression, which would pave the way for things like DLPA or LDN or tramadol.

Are your food choices mostly veggies and fruits? Very little sugars, modest or no caffeine? What if we put junk contaminated gasoline not appropriate for our car in our car. It will still burn and the car will still run, but it will run depressed. What we eat makes a difference.

Food for thought. Somewhere in this post is your answer.

All of the above cover most of the common causes I am aware of....heavy metals, unsuspected chronic infections and their devastating complications in the brain, inflammation of the brain, food sensitivities or allergies (usually the ones you crave the most), genetic flaws in making neurotransmitters, hormones screwed up, biotoxins from microbials, and improper diagnosis of exactly what kind of depression we're dealing with.

As an ECT survivor, I would not even put that anywhere on the list. All of the above take much higher priority and have something ECT cannot offer....long lasting results. ECT in my opinion is only for emergencies, the very sick who cannot even live outside a hospital. It takes a while to kick in if it is going to kick in, doesn't kick in as good as literature suggests, and rarely lasts very long when it does. There are very few stories where someone can say, "ECT was the answer I was looking for". It can be, and was for me, a sort of stepping stone to get from one chapter to the next, but the next chapter isn't much's just not stuck in the old one anymore.




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