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Re: Paxil at homeopatic dose 0.8 mg + bad side-effects Conundrum

Posted by Vincent_QC on September 25, 2010, at 9:26:16

In reply to Re: Paxil at homeopatic dose 0.8 mg + bad side-effects, posted by Conundrum on September 19, 2010, at 7:04:49

> Hey not to hijack the thread, but when I started seeing my pdoc one of the first things she suggested was getting a lyme's tests. I remember thinking of bleauberry then. ;-)

I ask my Family Doc for the lyme tests, he don't know what it is...same for the PDoc...

The Family Doc talk about adrenal glands fatigue who lead to too much cortisol as well as others hormones produce from those small glands... that can explain why my heart beat is now slow (50-55-60 at rest), my normal was around 80-90 before last december, but he don't RX tests for them... he say that only time will heal that problem and being free of stress will help to recever, but how I can be free of stress when i'm having anxiety disorders who are hard to treat with meds because i'm overreacting to all the meds now and can't start them at therapeutic dosage? It's sound absurd to me...

Also, since 8 months, my first cigarette in the morning always trigger a panic attack, not strong panic, but enought to make me feel a lot anxious, I never had that kind of reaction in the past, I smoke since 22 years... I suspect that i'm having high adrenaline level as well as too much NE... probably something wrong with the adrenoreceptor of type 2, who slow down the firing rate of the Noradrenaline, who mean that i'm prone to panic and chronic anxiety symptoms because of the longer time the Noradrenaline spend in the synaspes... so I have to avoid meds who are antagonist of the adrenoreceptor 2 receptor(Remeron, almost all the atypical antipsychotic meds, TCA's...).

The PDoc don't RX tests like blood work or X-ray or MRI... He just RX psychiatric meds, he don't even RX regular meds, always have to call my family Doc to have regular meds ...

For the lyme disease, I don't remember being bite by a tic, I don't live in the wood and don't go camping since more than 12 years... that's hard to imagine I have that disease, since what I read about the lyme disease and the symptoms i'm having right now don't match the ones of lyme... I have some of them but it can be something else, I think everyone with depression or anxiety can potentially have a lot of diseases and the lyme is one of them...

I think i'm having just an untreat anxiety disorders with strong addiction to benzo meds who lead to anxiety symptoms who degenerate, the addiction from the benzo meds increase the fears, if I skip a dose I start feeling bad, if I take too much I feel bad and addiction lead to negative emotions like frustration, hopeless, who increase the anxiety symptoms...

Lyme can be a possibility like many other diseases... I see that lyme it's hard to diagnostic and to treat...antibiotics don't seem to eliminated completly the disease and the symptoms...

You know, I eliminated some diseases with tests this year... got a MRI for the chronic headache who was ok, I seen a neurologist who find nothing wrong in my head, except that she think i'm having overactive 5HT2C serotonin receptors, I had X-ray of lunghs + heart tests (holter 24h + treadmill with echography of the heart), some blood tests for infections + vitamins and minerals level + tests for heavy metal and things like that... All the results are ok... My anemia and low hemoglobin problem is resolve, i'm suppose to be full of energy but I can't barely move my *ss and my body hurt a lot...

For the lyme, what kind of test I have to ask? I can call my Family Doc and take an appointment with him and print the name of the test I need to do... he will maybe understand more if I print it and show it to him?

I also want to ask for hypoglycemia test, fasting glucose test 4 hours.... here they only do the 2 hours but that's not accurate...

For now, nothing to do with the Paxil... i'm at at 0.5 mg since 3 weeks and I feel worse, anxiety increase a lot since I start it and it cannot be psychological side-effects or fears of med... The paxil is one of the easily SSRI I took in my life, so I wonder why I can't take it anymore...

I try to take it before bedtime now, to eliminated some of the side-effects, but I wake up very early with it... I think I will have no choice and up the dose by 1 mg every 1 or 2 weeks... it will be hard but if I stay at 0.5 mg, I will not have a relief of my anxiety (worries, panic)... I will just sufer for a much longer time...




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