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Paxil at homeopatic dose 0.8 mg + bad side-effects

Posted by Vincent_QC on September 13, 2010, at 8:54:54

Hi Everyone,
I'm having a really hard time with chronic anxiety symptoms since more than 9 months now (Chronic headache, sensitive scalp of my head, sensitive to the touch of my hairs, over sensitive to light and sound, chest pain, left arm numbness, blue-red left hand, legs pain, sweating from hands and feet, dizziness, vertigo, frequent panic attack (5-10 each day), depersonalisation and derealisation, intense fatigue and the list goes on).

The situation get worse since 2 months, I can't drive my car anymore and stay at home most of the time cause I feel worse outside the house and even at home I feel bad all the time, I feel like i'm in a panic attack all the time with too fast pulse rate or too slow pulse rate where I feel like I will almost faint. I'm also very tired and have insomnia.

I try to be back on the Paxil 3 times since 9 months and each time I can't take more than 0.5 mg, it's a pain in the *ss cause Health Canada refuse to approve my ask about having the liquid Paxil import into the Canada... so I have to do a mixture of oil and crush podwer of small piece of paxil and take the exact dose with a insulin syringe.

Even at 0.5 mg of Paxil, i'm having intense side-effects where all the not normal chronic symptoms are multiplied by 10... and it's not psychological, trust me...

I had heart test, blood test, X-ray of lungs, I see a Neurologist, i'm following by a mediocre PDoc, I follow right now 2 therapies at the same time (one is an exposure therapy who don't work at all and the other one is about how to manage my emotions because exposure can be good but the anxiety symptoms are created by emotions not the situation or the place where they occurs).

The PDoc do nothing to help me, we try everything and no new meds will be release in the Canada for anxiety and panic disorder. I was suppose to have the liquid Paxil import into the Canada but Health Canada refuse it.

The Neurologist think i'm having over-active 5Ht2C serotonin receptors and that's why I can't start again the Paxil at normal dose, mean 10mg to begin and increase at 20 mg later or more.

She RX to me back in June the old med call Pizotifen (Sandomigran) not available in the USA, it's use in the Canada to prevent migraine and it's a potent 5HT2 and 5HT1 antagonist med. She think that taking it prior to the Paxil will reduce the side-effects of the Paxil like the increase anxiety, increase chest pain...

The problem is that i'm having also increase anxiety from the Pizotifen...

So what to do???

I start again the Paxil 1 week ago, reach 0,8 mg yesterday but had increase anxiety symptoms that I canno't stand, just feel like I will die...

So today I don't know what to do...

I can't take it anymore, don't feel suicidal but the chronic anxiety is killing me...

Is it normal to have intense side-effects from the low dose of Paxil???

And the idea of the pretreatment with the Pizotifen is it a good idea?

I don't take my Paxil dose today, feel very bad and hopeless...

Thanks for any kind of answer!




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