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Re: Paxil at homeopatic dose 0.8 mg + bad side-effects Conundrum

Posted by Vincent_QC on September 13, 2010, at 15:30:31

In reply to Re: Paxil at homeopatic dose 0.8 mg + bad side-effects, posted by Conundrum on September 13, 2010, at 9:54:45

> Try a different SSRI. Paxil is the strongest SSRI available. Its used to test how good drugs bind to the serotonin transporter. Luvox or Celexa at low doses may be better.


Hi Conundrum,
I know it's the more potent SSRI but it's the only one who work for me to block the panic and worries. Just don't know what happen since 9 months, it's like my brains are totally f u c k up...the SE and NA receptors are over-active, I feel like I drink 10 coffes in a row all the time but also a lot tired... really weird... every small noise or small worries start panic on me...

I try everything in the past (between 2005 and 2009) to treat my social phobia and I ending with a worse problem than before I start trying all those drugs (MAOI's, TCA's, all the SSRI's, the SRNI's (pristiq, cymbalta, effexor), Remeron, beta-blocker-clonidine, Mirapex, name them, I try everything on and off-label), worse meds was the Parnate, who almost kill me and the Nortriptiline who hit too much the a1 adrenoreceptor who make my heart race as hell even at rest.

Since 9 months, I try to be back on the Zoloft at very low dose, in the Canada it's not in a pill form but in a capsule, so I open it and take maybe 2.5 mg of the 25mg pill and had a nightmare day... I always react badly to the Zoloft, it's making me manic, trigger bulemia and do nothing for the anxiety.

I try low liquid Prozac dose of 0,1 mg and 0,2 mg and it was worse than the Paxil at low dose and too much stimulating for me, in 2007-2008 I was on 20 mg of Prozac with 45 mg of Remeron and Valium 20 mg day and I was ok, I drop out at 30 mg...

I try the Celexa in 1999 when it was new in the Canada and it did nothing for the social phobia at the I never try it again since the Lexapro is the same thing without the inactive part of the Celexa...

I try to be back on the Lexapro last january and had extreme side-effects, mainly increase anxiety, tinnitus, dizziness and fast pulse rate for 24 hours in a row at only 1 mg... it'S suppose to be the SSRI with the less side-effects... not for me... didin't wanted to continue the trail... in the past I was on 30 mg of Lexapro and it was so sedating that I had to take 3 other meds to treat the sedation-headache (Ritalin, Wellbutrin and Inderall)...and it was bad for the weight gain...

The only one I never try is the Luvox... I have a bottle of 30 pills of 25 mg here but always fear that SSRI (Sorry Phillipa)... It have a lot of interraction, especially with benzodiazepine meds as well as cigarette smoking... I take 8 mg of Rivotril daily and smoke a lot!

That's weird cause in the past all the SSRI's was like sugar pill and never had increase anxiety or had to withdrawh them gradually... they was just not good to treat the social phobia and the anxiety in general with the exception of the Paxil, who work always well for me... now my serotonin receptors seem to be so over-active and I can't tolerate small dose of any kind of antidepressant...

I also try to be back on the Remeron in march 2010 and had increase anxiety at low dose of 15mg, really not good for the noradrenaline release, good for the insomnia at low dose of 3,5 mg only, it's seem that noradrenaline is making me very anxious also... its not just a serotonin problem... and NA trigger panic all the time...

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion!!! ;-)




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